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Japan Trip - Part 2 (Osaka)

5/2/2017 (Day 6)

Alhamdulillah, we reached Umeda, Osaka around 8 a.m. However, the weather wasn't that good. The rain poured heavily to welcome us. We wanted to buy 2 Days Osaka Amazing Pass (you can choose either 1 day pass or 2 days pass) and it was a struggle to find Umeda Station while it was raining. With almost 8 kg of bag pack strapped onto my shoulder, and there was no rain coat/wind breaker/umbrella, I kid you not. I felt so cold and my shoes also started to soak with water and it was uncomfortable to walk around. Yeah, too bad I didn't bring any water-proof shoes/boots. My bad. 

Gloomy weather welcomed us here in Osaka

1) Pokemon Centre

We went to the nearest 7E to buy hot drinks for our breakfast and to warm ourselves up and before we planned where our next destination. After a while, we decided to go to Pokemon Centre. Pokemon and Japan is closely related aye? Frankly speaking, I wasn't a big fan of Pokemon but I did watch it when I was little (I even collected their cards). It was really nice, even though it wasn't that big as in Ikebukuro's Sunshine City. We didn't buy anything. Every thing was expensive and yeah, being a cheapskate, I rather not spending my money there and buy something else that is more beneficial. 

Pokemon fans, you guys should check this out!

Semua ni hanya mampu tengok je.
Untuk beli jauh sekali la (untuk kami)

2) Umeda Skybuilding

We needed to go to somewhere that had roof for shelter since the weather didn't have mercy upon us. Hence, we decided that our next pit stop was Umeda Skybuilding. With Osaka Amazing Pass, you can go to Umeda Skybuilding for free (even for Observation Deck). So, I highly recommend you guys to buy this pass whenever you visit Osaka. The view from the observation deck at Umeda Skybuilding was astounding. But the wind was so strong, so we couldn't stay there for a very long time. Hahaha. But I bet the view would be much better in night. And for those who loves architecture, don't miss this place!

Umeda Skybuilding - view from the ground

Motif gambar ni adalah untul ambil gambar design escalator.
Abaikan kelibat homosapiens di tengah-tengah itu.

Osaka; view from Umeda Skybuilding

Disebabkan panahan nur, maka view Osaka kat belakang tu langsung tak nampak! 

Subway Map

3) Osaka Castle

In the evening, the weather was quite okay, and so we decided to go to our next destination, Osaka Castle. The castle is one of Japan's most famous landmarks, especially here in Osaka. The place was packed with so many tourists when we arrived there. I loved their creativity when they told about the history of  Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the castle itself; its construction, downfall and also reconstruction till this day. Very nice and attractive for the audience.

Can you spot Osaka Castle from here?

Idk what was this place but it seemed that many students
 were there for some kind of events?

Osaka Castle

After that, we went to our hostel. After rest for a while, we decided to go to have our dinner at Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT). We had shabu-shabu at Bulls restaurant and I was bloated after dinner. Seriously! The food were great. The portion was big and for those who have big appetite, you should try it! Don't worry, it is halal.And btw, if you're a student, you can get a discount when you have your meals there. Just showed them your student ID. We did and we just needed to pay JPY 2750 (if I'm not mistaken). Mind you that Japan has 8-10% VAT (just like 6% GST here in Malaysia). So, please check the price first okay?

Shabu-shabu. Amazing!

When we were half way to HEP Five Ferris Wheel, Fateh suddenly realised that her Osaka Amazing Pass wasn't with her. We thought that she might dropped hers at the restaurant and decided to go back to Bulls. Alhamdulillah, one of the staffs there saw her pass and kept it until we came. Phew! What a relieve!

4) HEP Five Ferris Wheel

After we had our dinner, we went to HEP Five Ferris Wheel. Hep Five is actually a shopping complex and on its roof, there's a bright red Ferris wheel. We had the whole cubicle to ourselves (a party of 2). So you can talk or laugh as loud as you can! Sempat lagi ber-facetime dengan Saz masa kat dalam tu sebab kalau nak cakap kuat-kuat kat hostel/public space nanti orang Jepun pandang pelik pula. Hahaha. By the way, it offers an astounding and also panoramic view of Osaka city so you guys should try it! I suggest if you want to have the lovely or romantic vibe, maybe you can try go there during the sun set.

6/2/2017 (Day 7)

1) Kurumon Ichiba Market

We started our morning by going to Kurumon Ichiba Market. It took about 5 minutes ride from Dobutsuenmae Station to Nippombashi Station (subway) and 2 minutes walk to reach there. This is a 'must go' if you visit Osaka especially if you love Japanese street food. There were loads of thing to explore and try. There were also vast array of seafood, beefs (Kobe, Wagyu, Saga- but I didn't see any halal one) and fresh fruits. I highly recommend you to try their street foods (tempura and korokke) and also the white strawberries (rare-because you will never find it here in Malaysia)! Yummy! If you are a foodie, this place is a food galore that you shouldn't miss.


We didn't realise this stall until this lovely obachan approached us and
show the sign : Muslim Friendly Stall (or something like that).
Arigatou obachan! :)

We bought scallop and squid tempura.
That obachan was so nice and gave us one ginger tempura for free! 

The kind and lovely obachan :)

Korokke has become one of my favourite Japanese food now :)


5000 yen for this *Gulp!*

Kalau kat Malaysia ni for sure dah lebam buah tu.
Patut letak je sign macam ni.

Cantik kan? Teringat dulu masa subjek PSV kena lukis strawberi.
Ingatkan strawberi putih ni tak wujud, rupa-rupanya memang wujud!

Gemuk-gemuk weh strawberi dia! Geram!

Yeah, I bought it! Super delicious and sweet!

Pro tip: please come here in the morning because from what I've read, if you come in the afternoon, some stalls might be closed so you couldn't explore much in here.

2) TsutenkakuTower

Our next destination was Tsutenkaku Tower. It seemed like by by the time we arrived there, the sky was gloomy and it was about to rain. So we hurried up to enter it. Before we went up to the observation deck, we watched a performance by a monkey at the first floor. It was a nice show (and it was free!). I thought to myself that this tower was not very tall, but boy.. I was wrong. When we wanted to exit the place, we decided not to take the lift. Hahaha. Konon la bajet nak turun tangga. Sekali amik kau, jenuh gila nak turun tangga! Sebab bila naik lif, dia cakap paling tinggi 5F (5th floor) dan masa nak turun tu kena turun dari 4F (4th floor). Jadi ingatkan turun dari 4F ke 1F tu kejap je lah. Sekali banyak gila weh tangga dia. Semput (boleh ke semput masa turun tangga? Naik tangga logik juga la ye dak? Sangatlah tak fit Hani oii). Berlagak lagi. Masa turun tangga tu dok kira, berapa banyak lagi tangga nak sampai pintu keluar? T__T

Kitorang naik tren ni untuk ke Tsutenkaku Tower.
Cantik kan tren ni? Lain daripada yang lain. 

Even interior design dalam tren ni pun lain.

Tsutenkaku Tower from far

The performance by a monkey. I watched this show twice!
Masa sampai & masa dah nak balik. Hahaha

View from Tsukenkaku Tower

The famous Billiken. Don't ask me. I don't know him.

3) Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

This one wasn't part of our itinerary. It was so random and last minute plan, because why not? Pakai Osaka Amazing Pass tu masuk free je kot! Tbh, I was quite surprised by the uniqueness of this museum. At first I thought it was just like any other museums but this one was different. It is a true definition of a living museum experience! It shows you as if you are in Edo period. You can dress up in kimono, play their traditional games/toys like kendama and walk around in the small village, with old-style wooden shops selling traditional goods, showing traditional handicraft any many more. We also got to experience simulation of sunrise, fire, sunset and night time of the whole mock village. It was really fun! I totally had a blast in there. And if you want to try kimono for cheap, this is the place. You can rent it for only JPY 500 (but mind you that it may take quite some time as there will be a long queue)!

Some of the cosmetics back in the day

Masa ni ada macam ala-ala pantomime gitu la

Kendama. Terima kasih kepada Doraemon yang memperkenalkan benda ni.

4) Tombori River Cruise

We visited this using the Osaka Amazing Pass (again) *wink*. The tour is every hour so no need to worry about missing it. It was just a short ride along the river, with a mix of history, jokes and explanations. The tour guide did speak a little bit of English (most of the time Japanese) but sorry to say but I was having a hard time to decipher it. Nevertheless, it was okay (the cruise).

The famous Glico Man

5) Dotomburi

This place has a lot of restaurants, bars and street food. It can be a little bit overwhelming (if you don't like crowds, this place is just not for you I guess). The popular part of this place is the bridge where there is a famous landmark of 'The Glico Man'. You can see lots of tourists there with different kind of poses. Hahaha.

Untuk tengok macam-macam gaya tourist amik gambar boleh la pergi sini

Night life at Dotomburi

We also went to Don Quijote. We were very curious why there were a lot of tourist in there (like seriously, A LOT!) and most of them were Koreans - Gosh, you don't know how many Koreans we met here. I even started to ask myself, am I in Korea or what? Apparently, Don Quijote is a big discount chain store in Japan where they sell everything. We didn't buy much. Just some snacks as souvenirs to bring back home. Tengok orang Korea shopping kat sini..mak aii. Mengucap panjang. Tapi takpelah, dorang banyak duit. Lain lah aku yang cheapskate ni. Lol :)

Don Quijote (the one with a giant blue penguin)

We also went to eat takoyaki and okonomiyaki before we headed back to our hostel.



Okay, that's all for now. I'll continue to write more (if I'm not lazy enough).

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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