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Australia - Part 1

Last December 2016, I went to Melbourne, Australia with my friend, Adibah. I was planning to go to New Zealand & Australia but after I did some research, like the budget and stuffs, I decided to go to Australia only. Hopefully I can go to New Zealand someday. Oh before I forgot, it was summer in Australia. Yeah, because Australia & New Zealand (to name a few) is Down Under. It was a term comes from the fact these countries are in the Southern Hemisphere, and it appears below from countries on the globe (?). So the weather was totally different from those countries who are in the Nothern Hemisphere (please recall your Geography back!).

I went to Australia about 13 days and stayed at  Kak Rina's (Adibah's sister) home. Adibah chosed to stay a little bit longer than I am. I needed to cut my trip short because I had my cousin's wedding and Japan's trip at the end of January (little did I knew that my SPA interview would be at the end of January too! Phew!).

We took Air Asia flight to there. Price? Neither it was cheap nor expensive, because return tickets costed me about RM1600+ (after including the luggage, foods, insurance etc). Our flight departed from klia2, Malaysia at 10:10 am and arrived at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport at 9:00 pm (local time). Since it was around Christmas holiday and the airport was full of people, hence we passed the immigration check quite easily without much hassle. Alhamdulillah.

Just touch down at Melboune Airport

Morning in Melbourne, before our trip to
Buxton Trout & Salmon Farm Fishing
Day 1 (24/12/2016)

So, day 1 in Melbourne (24/12/2016) started with a trip to Buxton Trout & Salmon Farm Fishing. The route to there offered a scenic drive. We had a picnic with other Malaysians there. It was a nice experience for me because this was my first time that I got a chance to try fishing (although it was only at the pond). There were variety of different ponds including the large trout, medium trout and salmon pond. The admission fee is $7.00 for adult (including rods, bait & bucket). 

Adibah, me, cute little Yahya & Kak Rina :)

I managed to catch a fish. It was a rainbow trout. Don't ask me what it is that because I swear that I've no idea what kind of species it was until I watched My Kitchen Rules, one of the team cooked that rainbow trout fish. Lol >.<

Then, we went to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery to have an ice-cream. I had a sweet-tooth and a big fan of chocolate hence, this place was mental! I got myself a Nutella Fudge Swirl Ice Cream (Well, you are in Australia - home of Nutella, of course you should try it ey?). Omg! It was the best ice cream I've ever tasted! *drool*

You can try these for free, but just one spoonful. 
There were white, milk and dark chocolates.

The chocolates

Have you drool yet?

Some of their products too

The mouth-watering ice creams to die for!

You can see at the back how they make the chocolates etc.

The scenic view outside
In the evening, we went to Brighton Beach to watch the sunset and the famous and iconic Brighton's bathing boxes. The scenery was lovely!

The bathing boxes

Ever wondered what it looks like inside?

And last but not least,
the iconic Australian-themed bathing box

Day 2 (25/12/2016)

It was Christmas Day and the weather was 33°C. It was scorching hot! We hit-off to Geelong Beach and and take a drive on the spectacular Great Ocean Road. The best part when you decided to drive on Great Ocean Road, you can stopped along the way to take the beautiful and picturesque scenery.


Torquay Surf Beach

You could see a lot of families decided
to spend their quality time together

The view along the way. So calm and breath-taking am I right?

Lots of people here, since it was Christmas holiday

Can you see the view there?

The light house in Aireys Inlet,
a small town on the Great Ocean Road
Those people at the back were Thais and
 they were enjoying eating a bunch of grapes in this sunny day

Speaking of this iconic sign board, when we decided to stop by the road, I saw three gentlemen who were tourists too (I guessed from Korea?) that stopped just like we were too. The moment when they decided to walk down through the stairs (there was a stairway there, so you could take pictures of the beach), they screamed out loud. I was shocked. These guys were screaming on top of their voices and quickly ran away from the stairway. 

I went to them and asked, "What happen?" 
Then, one of them said, "Snake!" 
"Black snake. This long," said another guy while pointing his finger that showed about 1 meter long.
Oh dear! 

The Great Ocean Road sign board.
You could see from my eyes were full of fear after the incident
and I was trying to act cool while trying to embrace
 the scorching hot sun for a photo 

I just love the sound of the waves

Lord Ard Gorge

12 Apostles 

Subhanallah. Beauty :)

Let's see how far we've come

Day 3 (26/12/2016)

Boxing Day! We went window shopping around the city. The city was very crowded. I was barely able to breathe (phew!).

Well, I'm not a shopaholic but it was nice to see around the city when there's a lot of people out there. We then had our lunch in front of the State Library of Victoria. After that, we went to Direct Factory Outlet (DFO). I bought 3 boxes of Corelle for my mum (and me!). I also bought myself a microfibre towel for travel from Kathmandu and a knitted turtle neck sweater for $10 from Jay Jays. Hahaha.

Kick start your day with Up & Go. I just love it!
Why don't they sell it here in Malaysia? T_T

in front of the State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria

In front of Melbourne City Baths

Knitted turtle neck sweater that I told you about

The aftermath of Boxing Day

Day 4 (27/12)

We went to Queen Victoria Market (QVM) or a.k.a Vic Market. Vic Market is a place where they sell vast things, from dairy products, meats, fruits to clothes. You can also buy souvenirs to bring back home at cheaper price. But when I came here at the first time, it was closed. So sad :( So, if you wish to come here, please check the day whether it is open or not.

Queen Victoria Market

After that, we went to Chadstone. Chadstone is a mall, like Mid Valley here in Malaysia, where all the high-end and branded things were here. Definitely not for me because I am broke (plus it wasn't really my cup of tea. Sorry).

We ate macaroons at Chadstone.
They were rose, salted caramel and pistachio.
Exquisite weren't they? 

I bought these from Coles. I've always love fruits!
Grapes are my all-time favourite! :)

We then drove around the city to National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Queen Victoria Garden and Shrine of Remembrance. The weather was a little bit gloomy.

At National Gallery of Victoria.
Yeah, we've got free flowers!
But don't forget to pay it forward :)

In front of  National Gallery of Victoria.

Queen Victoria Gardens

The one that I was holding is the free flower that we've got
 from the exhibition at NGV

You can ride a carriage too to look around the city

Dinner at Blok M, an Indonesian restaurant

 At night, Adibah and I were strolling around the city to see the night life.

Flinders Street railway station
You can also ride a carriage during the night but
 I didn't know about the cost. Sorry :(

The yellow taxi

I didn't know what kind of exhibition (or whatever-they-might-called it)
they were having here but this thing was so beautiful during the night.  

Day 5 (28/12)

I was supposed to go for a skydiving but when I called them up, they said that the weather wasn't that good hence all the skydiving activities were cancelled during that day. My heart was shattered into pieces (rolled eyes -- too soon Hani, too soon!). Then, I got it re-scheduled and my skydiving session will be on 31st December. Okay! Since Kak Rina was working, Adibah and I decided to walk around the city. We went to National Gallery of Victoria. The last time we went, we couldn't get in because it was almost closed. So.. off we went! We were the early birds that came to the gallery. It was good. We also got the free flowers for two consecutive times. 


RMIT University. The buiding is stunning!

Just look at the architecture. Never fail to amaze me :)

Morning in Melbourne

We were lost in our way to NGV.
We did ask a local and then we realized that NGV Australia
and NGV International were two different things! *facepalm*

So cute to see the elders spent their morning in the park together :)

The Atrium, Federation Square.
It is a galleria for exhibitions, showcases and etc.

St. Paul's Cathedral

Morning at Flinders street railway station 

And finally, we arrived at NGV

There's a place here in NVG that you can sit and hang around with these bean bags.
Cool right? They should have one here in Malaysia too!

Inside NGV

We wanted to go to see this exhibition, but we needed to pay for it.
Nahh.. We'll passed on that. Sorry mate.

The dress

Reminds me of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice,
 and all those historical fiction novels and movies.


The hierarchy of hanging all the works in a gallery
Tried so hard to understand the meanings behind all these works

These pictures can change depends on how and where you look them.
One moment they look sad but the next thing you'll know, they look happy.

Free flowers for two consecutive days


After that, we went to Shrine of Rememberance. The shrine was built to commemorate the lives lost in war. 

Shrine of Remembrance

Inside of Shrine of Remembrance
Inside the Shrine is the Sanctuary. At the centre of the Sanctuary is the Stone of Remembrance. You need to bow your head to read the inscription.

From what I've listened from the tour guide (which I just sneaked around form the other tourist group), the inscription is part of a verse from the Bible. The Stone is aligned with an aperture in the roof of the Sanctuary so that a ray of sunlight falls on the Stone of Remembrance.

When I did my further reading on wikipedia, it stated that:

"a ray of sunlight falls on the word LOVE on the Stone of Remembrance at exactly 11 a.m. on 11 November, marking the hour and day of the Armistice which ended World War I. Since the introduction of daylight saving in Victoria, the ray of sunlight is no longer in the right place at 11 a.m. A mirror has been installed to direct sunlight onto the Stone at 11 a.m. During the rest of the year, a light is used to simulate the effect." 

The aperture in the roof of the Sanctuary

Stone of Remembrance.
Sorry I didn't rotate it before posted it here. 

View from the top of the shrine

An awkward posing at the garden

Next, we went to State Library of Victoria. Trust me, this place was amazing! It was so calm and I wished I could live in there forever. It would be nice if I have my duvet, a kitchen and a washing machine. Ah.. My life is complete. 

State Library of Victoria

This is a heaven for a bibliophile

Excuse my face. Just wanted to highlight that  you can
actually lift this desk up like the one I did in the back.

In the evening, after Kak Rina came back from work, we went to St Kilda Beach to watch the penguins. We waited and waited for a looooong time, but there were only two penguins that came out. Better two than none!

St. Kilda Beach
Just look at the transition of the colours in the sky. I just loved the sunset here.

FYI, this one is free!

But yeah, you need to be here early as this place will be packed with the crowd.
I guessed the number of the  crowd > penguins

I still remembered that there was this cute boy who came there with his family to watch the penguins too. His mother told him that they should go back as the day getting darker and they will have a long day tomorrow, but he kept insisting his parents that they should wait for some more time.

"Come on, penguins! I took a flight for you! Please come out!" the boy pleaded.

Oh dear! He was so adorable. After 10 minutes and there were no further signs of penguins, the boy went home with his family. I believed that they were from some other parts of Australia and came to Melbourne for a vacation. But aahhh.. He was so cute! The way he pleaded for the penguins to come out melted my heart away :)

Can you see the tiny, little penguin in between the rocks?

City of lights?

Till then.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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