Friday, March 31, 2017

Australia - Part 2

G'Day mate! As promised, here's the part 2 of my travelogue.

Day 6 (29/12/2016) 

We went to Vic Market again to buy some souvenirs to bring back home. As always, it was full of people. I bought t-shirts, key-chains and some postcards. After that, we went to the post office to send the postcards that we've just bought. I just sent one to myself (so much vain ey?).

Some of t-shirts that were being sold at Vic Market

Cheese; Come and speak to a former cheese hater! :D

Next, we walked to Melbourne Museum but when we were half way through there, it was raining heavily and showed no mercy upon us. Luckily we brought along our wind breaker and water-proof jumper. But yeah, we were totally wet. I wondered if people saw us, wandering around while drenched in the rain. Gosh, these girls must be crazy. Are they out of their minds?

Despite of raining, we still wanted to take a picture with this house.
Idk, but I found the house was quite beautiful. Don't you think so?
By the time we arrived the museum, half of our bodies were wet. Our shoes and socks were just soaked with water. We arrived at the counter and saw that we needed to pay about $14 for the entrance fee. Wait a minute! I was not going to spend $14 for the museum! Dang! But then, the guy at the information counter told us that if we were student, we could get a concession, which mean we could just enter for free! But, we were not sure whether he meant international students too as we weren't study here in Australia and we also forgot to bring our student card. Needless to say, we decided to hang around at the lobby of the museum while waiting for the rain to stop (while drying ourselves up too) as it was raining cats and dogs that day. 

At night, we walked to Crown Melbourne to see the gas brigade evening show, but when we were half way to there it started to rain. We quickly rushed back home.

Day 7 (30/12/2016)

Adibah and I drove to Australian Skydive, Torquay as it was my skydiving session (after being re-scheduled). Yay! Skydiving has been one of my bucket lists for years! I'd been longing to do that for years, and being able to do that in this special day was truly a dream comes true for me. I was very excited and nervous too at the same time because this was my first time to do this. The skydiving experience was phenomenal. I wished I could do that again next time (which I needed to start saving up from now on).

Skydiving at 15 000 ft above sea level, 60 seconds free fall

Well, excuse my ugly face. The wind was so strong. 

After that, we went to Torquay Surf Beach for a stroll. Honestly, I loved Torquay. The place was so serene and breath-taking.

Ballarat -
Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes'
The Boscombe Valley Mystery -The Ballarat Gang
Later that evening, we went for Moonlight Cinema at Royal Botanic Garden Victoria. It was amazing! We watched 'Passenger' by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. It was good. I would rate it 3.5/5.

I hadn't done this for awhile. The last time I did watch an open cinema like this when I was a little kid, perhaps when i was around 6-7. That time, I watched an old Malay movie at the field. It was good anyway.

You can bring your own mattress, blankets, pillows whatever you want to.
There were also golden seats, where they had their own bean bags.

Royal Botanic Garden Victoria

Day 8 (31/12/2016)

Today we went to Phillip Island, which is located at southeast of Melbourne. The journey from Carlton to there took about 2 hours. In the arvo, we went to have fish & chips for our lunch at San Remo before headed to Phillip Island. It was delicious! Plus, the view there were just stunning and blew my mind away. 

We then headed to Phillip Island Wildlife Park to see the iconic Aussie marsupials. Well, what's the point of visiting Australia if you don't take a chance to see these marsupials right? It was a nice experience. You also got a chance to feed the roo.

One with a big kangaroo.
Me for scale.


Notice the sleepy koalas?

This one with her joey :)
Next, we went to The Nobbies. I felt so attached to the place and I just wished that I could literally stay there forever. *so much drama hmm*

Can you spot the porcupine?
In the evening, we went to Docklands and hopped into the Melbourne Star; a 40-storey high ferris wheel which you can observe Melbourne skies and cities in 360°. Since it was nearly 9:30 pm and by the time we took a flight with it, we could see the new year's fireworks from above. Trust me, it did offer astounding views!

Melbourne Star

Happy New Year 2017!
Oh for your information, they did have an early fireworks display at 9.30pm at some places like Yarra Park. I believed that it was really convenient for parents who had brought along their little kids to watch the fireworks display as the kids won't need to stay up late.

We then stayed there for awhile while waiting for the clock struck midnight. Many Melburnians and tourists gathered around there to feast their eyes on New Year's Eve fireworks display. I could see many families brought their kids as well. From what I've heard, this place was quite popular too among families to bring their kids for NYE. As for me, this was my first time ever I'd been to this kind of event. I usually spent my new year in bed - sleeping or movie marathon. Everyone seemed really look forward to the fireworks show and the countdown that rings in the new year. The pyrotechnics were spectacular (but I guessed the one we had in KLCC was magnificent and magical as always?). After that, we went back home and only to arrive 1 hour later (instead of normal 15 minutes drive because of there were so many people)!

Day 9 (1/1/2017)

Happy New Year! I spent my morning of the 1st day in 2017 by visiting University of Melbourne. Since it was a public holiday, the university was empty (except there were tourists too who also like us). The place was beautiful. We met a Singaporean family too while strolling around there. Guess what? I managed to speak Mandarin with them (with my basic Mandarin skill), which I guessed it was very ironic. Like, speaking Mandarin in the middle of Melbourne? Hahaha. Who would have thought that? Blimey!

I didn't know who've done this but it was lovely :)

Hogwarts in Melbourne? 

Day 10 (2/1/2017)

We went to see some of the city's best street art. It was cool!

Our lunch. Couldn't remember the menu..
After that, we went to South Melbourne, St Kilda and Luna Park. We also went to a local bakery at St Kilda to try their pastry. There were many bakeries with vast array of their treats on display. I wished I could have them all :)

Luna Park

At night, Adibah and I went again to see the Crown Melbourne’s Gas Brigade and this time we managed to do so! The weather was perfect and we even could make in time as the show will be held every hour, started at 9:00 pm. 

Day 11 (3/1/2017)

We went around Melbourne CBD via City Circle (Free Tourist Tram). The tram will pass major tourist attractions and you could just hop in and off. We then hopped off and went to Carlton Garden, National Museum Melbourne and Royal Exhibition Building. And this time, we didn't forget to bring along our student card (tho mine was my card when I did my foundation lol)!

The route for Melbourne's City Circle Free Tram

Make sure you hope on this!

Royal Exhibition Building

Here's a sneak peek what's inside the museum.

There was an exhibition about World War I. It was interesting. I bet if my brother came along he would spend the entire day here. He was a history freak I bet you :)

These were the tools they were using to treat syphilis among the armies
 back in a day where syphilis were quite common among armies.

The post mortem tools

There was also exhibition about science and stuff. It was really educational and interesting especially for kids. 

For example, they can learn about our digestive system in a fascinating way like this..

Guess what sound you could've heard when you press the button?
FART noise! :D

With a gigantic blue whale's skeleton

Carlton Garden
In the evening, I packed my suitcase for the last time as my flight would be on 1 am. Unfortunately, Kak Rina's car broke down the night when she wanted to send me off to the airport. Luckily Ellie (Kak Rina's friend) was there to save the day! Phew! And this time I didn't late to check-in (even though the crowd were just unimaginable). The nightmare when I travelled alone to Korea still fresh in my mind. Hahaha.

Alhamdulillah, I safely arrived Malaysia around 6 am (local time). Australia was great and I had so much fun in there. I wished I could come again to Australia next time! Big thanks to Adibah and Kak Rina for having me there. May Allah bless you!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Arvo - Afternoon
Roo - Kangaroo