Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy 24th birthday!

Alhamdulillah. Today, I am 24 years old. Happy birthday to me! 

Thank you everyone, for the lovely birthday wishes. It means a lot to me that you all took time from your busy lives to wish me a happy birthday, and I feel very blessed to have each and every one of you as my family and friends.

Yes, another long year and yet, another number added to my age. Hopefully, I will be more wiser and can contribute a lot to this ummah. Insya-Allah :)

Combo celebration.
The 25th anniversary of my parents and also my 24th birthday :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

p/s: I was so happy that my hostel application in the hospital where I would be working soon has been approved. Yay! One of the best birthday present for this year. Lol :D

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The waiting has finally ended

Remember that I went to SPA interview on last January? So last week we've got to know our result and Alhamdulillah, I passed the interview. So what's next?

As for this new system, we had to wait for an email stated that we can fill up our e-houseman and choose our hospital respectively (which one you like). Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah, I was one of these cohort. 

So,on last Thursday, I couldn't sit up straight. I was anxiously thinking, what would happened if I didn't get the hospital that I've wanted.

At 1200H, I quickly logged on to the website and started to fill up all the requirements needed. Then, there was the placement part. I chose Hospital Segamat at the first place but then, when I wanted to submit it, the system was crashed and there was apparently database error! OMG! I freaked out. You didn't know how much I felt at that time. 

I tried to log in again but failed. After the umpteenth attempts, I managed to get back to the track but unfortunately only few places left. As for Johor state, there were only Hospital Batu Pahat and Hospital Kluang left. So, without thinking too much, I chose Hospital Enche' Besar Hajjah Khalsom, Kluang. I didn't regret it as it was one of my choices too. 


So, insya-Allah I will start working at there this May. Please make du'a for me so that I can survive this journey. Ameen.


without wax,
haniyahaya :)

P/s: I probably won't be update this blog much after this. Sorry in advance!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weirdo roommate

Today, I want to tell you a story about my experience which I encounter when I was in Tokyo, Japan.

When I traveled to Tokyo with my friend, we decided to stay in a hostel. The room had 3 bunk beds hence it can accommodate 6 people at one time. When we checked in to our hostel, the room was almost full, with 4 person inside it. One middle age & one elderly lady were both from Finland and there were us, Malaysians. 

When we entered our room, we were greeted warmly by this Finnish elderly lady (let's called her Mrs X). At first, we were happy to chat with her. When she knew that we were Muslims, she said that she also had learnt Islam from an Iranian friend. We were so grateful upon hearing that. She also said that she had been in Tokyo for awhile and just came back from the museum, and willingly to share the maps that she had just gotten to us and even offered to give the souvenirs that she just recently bought to us. We politely declined her offers. 

But things started to change when she knew that I was a medical student. She then started to talk about sickness and asked me about my opinion. Of course, I was willingly to give out my opinion regarding this. And then, things started to change when she told us about her trauma being raped and molested, being in a sex traffic business, being a surrogate mother, her illegitimate child and many more which I found them somehow kind of nasty and suspicious. My friend upon hearing her stories just entirely ignored her, whereas I was still sitting there while sewing my bag and listened to her. One thing I learnt in this medical field is that we need to listen to our patient, whether we don't like it or not because hey, that's our job. But I also learnt that we also need to show good facial expressions to our patient. Don't show them hatred or whatever things that may hurt your patient's feelings (even though you're the one who are badly hurt inside). Show them your poker face. So, that's what I did. Yeah, I did that. I felt that her story became more and more ridiculous but I just let her be. My friend was very surprised that I really paid attention to her, even though I wasn't. Hahaha.

The next day, after busy exploring around, we went back to our hostel and there was Mrs X in our room. We had a little chit-chat but I was very tired so I just didn't pay much attention. I asked her about her day and guessed what she said? She said that she went to Italy embassy for her visa renewal (or some sort of like that) and she wanted to book her flight ticket to go back home. Unfortunately she failed to do so, and when she was at in front of the hostel, she saw some men (who were in the sex traffic business that she had been involved before) was waiting for her. *I was imagining some kind of mafias like that, hahaha* There was also a little boy, and when she was to enter the hostel, that boy groped her (while showing how he done it to us) *sorry for the language, but I was going to tell you her exact word, that would be much worse.* OMG! This woman.. (-.-)

Okay, please prepare for yourself because the worst was yet to come. So later that night, I went to bed quite early. While I was about to enjoy my REM sleep, I heard a noise in the background. Urghhh!! I didn't know what was the fuss about. I just didn't even care. Then, the light was switched on. Come on! I was trying to get some sleep in here! Common sense people. Then I heard Mrs X's voice. 

"Have you seen my watch? Do you take my watch?" She asked to every single one in the room. I thought since I was ignoring her (which I pretended to go back to my sleep), she wouldn't care to ask me. Boy, I was so wrong. She opened up the curtain that covered my bed, shook me and asked with her eight octaves voice, "Do you know where is my watch? Do you take my watch?" 

OMG! This woman definitely had some nerves! I quickly said no and then she went out from the room. I took a deep breath while silently cursed inside. Damn it! She just woke me up for her freaking God-know-where watch?! asdfghjkl.

Then, the next day, she told every one that she had just found the watch which apparently was in the toilet, and since then she never took it off from her wrist, even though she went to sleep. See! No one wanted your watch! You should find it at the toilet first before you were roaming around and asked/accused everyone about your watch. 

That wasn't her only story. When we were cooking/preparing our Maggi noodles for dinner, she saw us. She asked us whether we had an extra because she wanted some. I initially refused to give her but my friend managed to convince me to give one of ours to her. I did give one packet to her. But guess what she did? She initially looked happy when we gave it to her, but then she offered it someone else. I was like.. wth? If you didn't like/want it, don't do that in front of us. It was an insult (for me). You better returned it to us, and that would be much appreciated. But yeah, I didn't ask for it back. I just let her be. 

Thank goodness that we didn't stayed there for a long time because after that, we were going to Osaka.

Nevertheless, it was one hell of experience which I'd never encounter before. So, it is true isn't? Travel do give you good and bad memories.


"There ain't no journey what don't change you some.” 
― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Till then.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Graduation Day!

I know that it is too late for this. It is April now and a month and half since my graduation ceremony. Typical Hani. Meh. >.<

Anyway, I still want to post something about it, so here it goes.

Alhamdulillah. All praise and gratitude belongs to Allah. First and foremost, thank you to my parents, Ibu & Abah because without each of you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am – and the person I’m still working on becoming. Thank you for your countless prayers and endless supports (especially when I keep on whining around about how difficult & stress I am when it comes to exam). There aren’t enough words in the world to express my appreciation. This is for you!

Thank you to my two brothers and other family members that keep on supporting me along this journey. Kesuwon!

Next, to all my teachers since kindergarten, SK Klang Gate, SRA Al-Islahiah Kem Genting Klang, SK Jalan Empat, Tahfiz Abim Al-Ikhlas, MRSM Gerik & MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba Jasin, mere words could never express my gratitude to you. Thank you for teaching me lessons that I will carry throughout my life's journey and giving me a fond classroom memories that I will treasure forever.

To all my lecturers & doctors in MSU, you've been so much more than a teacher for us. You've been our mentor, our support and our guide. Thank you for everything you have done for us.

To all the doctors and staffs from hospitals & clinics that we've been attached to, I am so grateful to have been taught by you. You've inspired us to be a better person and always strive to do our best.

To all my friends who have stuck by me through so many ups and downs, thank you! You know who you are. 

Last but not least, to all my comrades, thank you for all these amazing 5 years. This is just a beginning. The next couple of years may prove to be even more difficult than the 5 years we have just finished. Good luck and God bless each and every one of you.

with DYMM Sultanah Haminah

With my parents

Let's take a walk down to memory lane shall we?

2012 - Year 1. We visited PKKN for the first time

2012 - Year 1. After we finished our Pro 1 exam

2013 - Year 2. Microbiology class with Dr Rassip
will always ended with an inspirational quotes/jokes:)

2013 - Year 2. An impromptu visit to Rumah Kasih Harmoni by us,
MARA Express girls

2013 - Year 2.With Ainnur, in front of  the house of the Rain Tree's manager 

2013 - Year 2. Sports Day with MARA Express girls

2014 - Year 3. Our last BST session during Surgery posting
with our beloved Dr Atif & Dr Pandit

2014 - Year 3. With MARA Express in front of HTAR

2014 - Year 3. GPS Ramadhan at Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan

2014 - Year 3. With our beloved Dr Thandar Oo (Radiology's lecturer)
& Dr Myo (O&G's lecturer)

2014 - Year 3. At HTAR while waiting for our specialist.

2014 - Year 4. After finished our Community Medicine's Viva with Dr Maher

2015 - Year 4. During Orthopaedics' Skill Lab Session : POP & Backslab

2015 - Year 4. Elective posting atHospital Rehabilitasi Cheras
with our lovely and super nice supervisor, Dr Yati

2016 - Year 5. With my best friend, Saz who did her elective posting at HTAR

2016 - Year 5. Last class with the amazing Dr Salma

2016 - Year 5. Last day at HSB during Internal Medicine posting with Dr Ida

2016 - Year 5. Last BST session for Internal Medicine posting at HTAR with Dr Faizal

2016 - Year 5. Our final skill lab session for Surgery posting with Prof Ramzi & Dr Ayob

2016 - Year 5. Last BST session for Surgery posting with Dr Rao

2016 - Post Pro Exam III Theory treat with bunch of MARA Express Girls

My batch

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Japan Trip - Part 3 (Kyoto, USJ, Nara & Kobe)

7/2/2017 (Day 8)


We decided to go to Kyoto today by shinkansen (bullet train). At first, we thought that our JR Wide Area Pass covered the shinkansen to Kyoto. Dah la masa sampai kat train station tu kemain kejar shinkansen tu. Tapi last-last bila kitorang nak keluar, kitorang dapat tahu pass kitorang tak cover pun trip tu since the slot of an automatic ticket gate had rejected our tickets. We were totally freaked out. Then only we knew that kalau nak ke Kyoto kena naik train biasa. OMG! Maka kitorang pun kenalah bayar denda. Burn JPY 1420 weh! I wouldn't recommend you guys to take the JR Wide Area Pass because it was freaking expensive. You better buy Kansai Thru Pass. Kitorang ni sebab dah terpengaruh dengan JTB agent tu la. Chaittt! So since then, nak pergi ke Arashiyama, and travel pergi mana-mana (USJ, Nara) kitorang just tunjuk je kat train station's staff instead of pergi masukkan tiket tu through the ticket slot sebab tiket kitorang tu macam kena block. Bila kat Kobe and Okoyama barulah ticket tu boleh masuk kat gate. Tragis betul!

So back to our story to Kyoto. Our first destination was Arashiyama Bamboo Groove. When we were walking to there, the snow started to fall. Omg! You wouldn't know never know how much my heart leapt with joy. We also met a couple of Malaysian students who studied in Quensland, Australia. They were the one who approached us first, asked me to take their pictures together. "Kak, boleh ambilkan gambar kitorang?" I was like.. gosh, am I that old? Geez. Tua dah rupanya aku ni. Bila tanya, memang diorang muda lagi pun. Pangkat adik-adik la budak laki berdua tu. 

Anyways, amazing display of huge, straight bamboo trees on this walk. Wonderful for taking photos. However it was way too much with crowds. If you mind the crowds, I would suggest you to go there early in the morning. Pro tip: Don't spend too much time at the first section taking photos because the middle and end sections are where the bamboo is more dense.

Route to Arashiyama Bamboo Groove


Foggy railway

Bak kata Fateh, acah-acah hipster habis lah ni

Camera in action before other tourists invaded this place

After that, we went to Kyoto Imperial Palace. Before that, I had agreed to meet Dzul, my high school friend when I studied in MRSM Gerik at the train station. Dzul studied in Nagoya and agreed to show us around Kyoto. So after the three of us met, we took a bus to Kyoto Imperial Palace. At first we thought it was closed (ah not again!), but wait... it was actually opened! Hahaha. And the moment we arrived there, the snow was started to fall heavily. The old buildings were well- maintained and nice experience to go around. It was free admission (yeah, we chose to go to those free admission places).The view was spectacular; with snowfall on the background? What more could you ask for?

The other gate, which we thought it was closed at the first place

Can you see the snow flakes?

Next, we took a taxi to Fushimi Inara Taisha. Well, being an awkward person, I let alone Dzul and the taxi driver talked together without even joining the conversation (I did talk few words and smiled little bit). Before we went to the shrine,we bought some mochi. It was a little bit pricey since it was sold at the main tourist attraction but it tasted good! The shrine itself was actually overcrowded at the base but the further you go up, the fewer the people. We took a short cut and didn't even go up to the top. For those who want a good exercise and picturesque view of Kyoto city as a reward, you can go and climb up to the top.


We had matcha, white bean & red bean. Yummy!

These torii were donated by Japanese businesses

Our next destination was Gion. It was quiet but the architecture was beautiful. You can also see many of people (mostly tourists) wear kimono here. Yup, there's a kimono rental here where you can go and walk around Kyoto area while wearing it. Pretty cool right? But the price is around JPY 3000 if I'm not mistaken (better you check it first because I'm not sure). There were also small streets near Gion corner that gave you the feel and vibe of old Japan. From what I've been told, at night, the real action would begin with fancy sushi restaurants, bars and night clubs, and the apperance of the real geishas. You also could see those expensive and polished cars would come over down the streets to enjoy the night life. Dusk is the best time to go, especially when they start lighting up the unique lanterns.

Not the typical blue & white Lawson store


Little back alleys for a better feel of the Gion

Matcha green tea

A little side note: Geisha/geiko is a traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses. Their skills include performing various arts such as classical music and dance. Apprentice geisha are called maiko. However, the fact that some people believe that geisha are prostitutes - it is not true at all!

After we had finished strolling around Gion, we agreed to meet Hana, a Japanese friend of Dzul. She brought us to this one restaurant which I couldn't recall its name to have our dinner. We had various types of the sushi like ebi, salmon and tempura. Hana-chan also explained to us from the proper Japanese etiquette at the dining table, how to use the chopsticks to the food. The sushi were totally delicious but I only managed to eat only 4 plates (my stomach just couldn't handle it anymore). They were the best sushi I'd tasted so far. Unfortunately due to the greediness and hunger that took control of my body, I didn't have any pictures of the sushi that we had ate. Sorry. According to Japanese culture, after they had their meals, they would go to the coffee shops or any cafe to drink coffee (kira macam mengeteh kat warung macam tu la). So after we had our dinner, we then went to the local coffee shop to have some coffee. We chatted along and didn't realise that it was almost 9 p.m. It was fun to meet Hana-chan. She was cheerful, nice and also kawaii! But who would ever thought a beautiful and nice lady like her like The 1975 and hard rock/heavy metal-kind of musics? Blimey! A true definition of do not judge a book by its cover. Lol. Paling epic rasanya bila aku ajar Hana-chan pasal slang LDR (long distance relationship). Bila fikir balik sekarang, apa pasal lah aku ajar pasal term tu? Punya la banyak slang lain kat dalam dunia ni. Hahaha. It was getting late and we bid farewell before headed to Kyoto station. At Kyoto station, Fateh and I took a train back to Osaka while Dzul took his train back to Nagoya. Arigatou Dzul & Hana-chan for the day!

Us at the coffee shop

Legendary cash machine. 

8/2/2017 (Day 9)

We actually planned to go to Nara and planned to go to USJ on the next day (9/2/2017) but after seeing the weather forecast and saw that it would be raining on 9/2/2017, we changed our plan and hence, off to USJ we went. We actually had bought the USJ Entry Pass earlier on in Malaysia before we went to Japan. The only thing that we didn't buy was the Express Pass. When we arrived there, we quickly lined up in a line to buy the Express Pass. In a simpler words, this express pass was a pass where you can save time to go on to some of the attractions without spending so much time queue up in a line. Kira macam potong barisan la. Prinsip dia sama je if korang pernah pergi USS, tapi USJ ada banyak lagi pilihan macam Express 4, 7 etc. We bought the Express 4. The place was humongous and filled with so many people. Compared to USS, there were a lot of  visitors here in USJ, hence the waiting to some attractions could be quite a problem if you didn't have lots of patience. Hence, I would recommend you guys to buy the Express Pass. As we both were Potterheads, our main purpose was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; which was the centre of attractions. To tell you the truth, this place was phenomenal. From Honeydukes to Hogwarts, everything was amazing! The only thing that was a little bit of disappointment was all the rides were in Japanese. Imagine Harry Potter talked in Japanese instead of British English. OMG! Otherwise, this place was great :)

Unfortunately we didn't ride this because the line was too long

Kau tengok oppa-oppa Korea ni pakai sedondon
#friendshipgoal sangat 

*Hedwig's Theme music played in the background*

Hogsmeade Village

Sebenarnya terkejut sebab bila nak amik gambar tiba-tiba asap tu keluar


A year supply of Bertie Botts

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

One of the staffs there voluntarily to took our picture. Wow!
Her skill was beyond our expectation!

Gargoyle guarding Dumbledore's Office



Marauder's Map

Top: Ginny's wand
Below: Luna's wand


Gryffindor's Quidditch Team

Hagrid's Hut


It was extremely sweet! I could even get diabetes.

Pokok yang bersempena dengan nama tokoh/selebriti popular

Titan! *played AOT theme song*

Came to this place again for the night view

Hogwarts at night

Hogsmeade at night

9/2/2017 (Day 10)

1) Nara

As for our second last day here in Japan, we decided to go to Nara and Kobe. We took a train to Nara. On our way to Nara, we could see that it was actually snowing at the outside. Nara welcomed us with a heavy snowfall. Subhanallah, it was just mesmerizing. We wanted to go to Nara Park to see the deers but the lady at the information counter said that along the way too we can even came across with the wild deers. She was right! On our way to Kofukuji Temple, we came across with the wild deers. Awww!

Kofukuji Temple Five Story Pagoda

Kofukuji Temple

That one kind of Lawson here in Nara

 2) Kobe

After that, we went to Kobe. Our first destination was Kobe Muslim Mosque. We prayed at there and continued our journey. We actually wanted to go to Mount Rokko but we cancelled it to the last minute. But after saw Fateh's friend who was having a great time sledding at there, we kinda regretted why we didn't continue our journey to go to Mount Rokko. I guessed at that time we were battling with the freezing cold weather and decided not to. Maybe next time perhaps?

Prayer Hall

Halal grocery store in Kobe

3) Okoyama

This one was an impromptu plan. We didn't even put it in our itinerary. Ni sebab gara-gara dah terkena beli JR pass tu la. JR Pass yang kitorang beli ni cover shinkansen dari Shin-Kobe ke Okoyama. Dah alang-alang beli yang mahal rasa rugi pulak kan kalau tak try? So, we took a shinkansen to Okoyama. We didn't explore that place much. We just had our lunch (jauh kan pergi makan lunch sampai ke Okoyama) and went back to Osaka since we needed to pack our things.

Red bean bread. JPY 85.

Harga makanan kat Jepun.
Btw, nombor dalam Jepun sama dengan Mandarin cuma sebutan je la lain

Our lunch - fish with rice set. JPY 1161.

10/2/2017 (Day 11)

On our last day at Japan, we had some troubles on our way to airport. First, we didn't check-in ourselves via online. I thought we might be able to arrive at the airport on time. I was wrong! The clock showed it was 8:50 a.m and all the trains were delayed. On top of that, we took a wrong train. We took the Osaka Loop line which basically we traveled around Osaka! Oh dear! When we asked the staff at the train station, he told us to take the right train at the first station, which basically where we came from. Geez! We were totally doomed. We silently prayed that we better made it on time, or else how we were going back to Malaysia? At that time, the time was around 9 am and our flight was around 11 am. And out of blue, we met a Malaysian whose fate was just like us (took the wrong train). Along the way to airport, we laughed at what had happened to us. The moment the train reached the airport, the three of us sprinted to our gate. If you wanna know how we looked like, just imagine like we were the Amazing Race participants. We didn't care how the others would see us. We just hoped that we could reach the gate before it closed. Alhamdulillah, we managed to check-in. Our lungs were totally out of breath after sprinting in the airport. Hahaha.

Alhamdulillah, we were safely arrived at klia2. I had so much fun during this trip and I wished that I could go to Japan again next time, insya-Allah. Big thanks to Fateh who willingly to go to Japan and made this trip a success! I couldn't imagine if I'd to go without you :) *cheesy*

without wax,
haniyahaya :)