Saturday, June 4, 2016

Will I survive without ...

Today, I decided to take a break off from the social media. I decided to deactivate my Twitter account which I think the biggest distraction ever in my life. I initially wanted to deactivate my Instagram account too but I decided to keep it away. I even delete the Youtube application in my iPhone too (so that I won't be wasting much time there. You should know how much I spent my time in Youtube!)
The reason why I needed to take a break off was plain and simple. I needed to limit the time that I spent in social media. For those out there who might knew me, I was the worst person when it comes to social media. I could spend hours and hours at there. Well, you can say that I was a hardcore social media users. 

So with Twitter was off the limit, I wished that I could write more in this blog. Well, not many people really read my blog anyway, so I guessed it was better this way. Plus, I've been abandoned this blog and I kinda missed writing. Writing is my passion. 

Wish me luck guys! I hope I could survive! 

without wax, 
haniyahaya :)

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