Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Of incision and drainage

So today I decided to spend my evening at the procedure room in Emergency Department (ED) since I had no classes in the evening. 

Frankly speaking, I loved to spend my time there because there were a lot of hands-on procedures that I could observe, assist and perform. Maybe that's why I wanted to become an ED Physician one day, insyaAllah. 

Back to story. I was in the procedure room today and a lady came in with right gluteal abscess. After took the history, did physical exam and  being assessed by the doctor, the patient needed to go to the Incision & Drainage (I&D) procedure for her problem. So there was the medical assistant (MA) and me. Since the MA was a gentleman, I had to be there to be his chaperone and of course, to assist him a little bit here and there. 

Upon further questioning with her, she claimed that she had suffered from the abscess for almost a week. The moment when the swelling was incised, there was yellowish pus coming out with foul-smelling discharge. The amount was approximately 50-80ml (Ah, I was so bad at this!). The smell was so bad like a corpse and we (the MA and I) almost puked ourselves. We even felt so dizzy after the procedure ended. Gosh, it was horrendously disturbing. 

I'm not saying anything bad about the patient. Well, you didn't know how much she had suffered from it. But the thing is, it reminds me of how we are going to be like when we are dead. 

Yes, we are all going to die; no one exceptional. I wonder how we are going to be like when we are died. Are we going to be like a rotten, decaying corpse like nobody's going to concern about you? Or are we going to be the one who will be remembered by all and people will pray for you? 

Let's just think back and reflect ourselves. 

What are we living for? 
Have you satisfy enough with your life right now? 

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

P/s: Even after came back home, the smell was still haunting me. Oh dear! >.<

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