Friday, June 17, 2016

A story of Ramadhan

Yesterday, my group had a bed-site teaching and it was my turn to present a case. I came early that morning and Alhamdulillah, I finally managed to clerk a thyroid case. The patient was a very nice and cooperative Chinese lady. After presenting my case, it was the time for physical examination.

Since the patient came with a neck swelling, I needed to perform a physical examination that need to rule out the causes of all neck swelling thus include thyroid. In thyroid examination, one of the tests that we need to perform is whether the swelling moves with swallowing or not. It was a simple test. What we need to do is ask the patient to drink a sip of water, hold it and the moment you ask the patient to swallow, you need to watch whether the swelling moves or not. Usually in thyroid case, it will move with swallowing.

Hence, I asked the patient to do the same. But what touched my heart was that she did appologize that she had to drink in front of us since it was Ramadhan. We said that it was fine but it really touched me because she really respected us who was fasting and even asked the permission from us to drink. On top of that, when I was writing my case on the cardiac table in front of her bed, she even went outside to eat her breakfast. I was very suprised. 

I didn't expect her to do that. I mean, well the patient was sick and it was okay if she wanted to eat in front of me. I really didn't mind that. But she did something that really touched me. 

Dear madam, I knew that you won't read this but I prayed for health and speedy recovery from your operation. God bless you :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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