Monday, April 11, 2016

A trip to Pulau Perhentian

So last holiday, my friends and I had went to Pulau Perhentian. There were 3 of us. We went there by bus. This was my first time went to Terengganu by bus. Before this I just went there by my college's van. (yeah, I went to Terengganu for the first time ever because of the inter-mrsm programme back in 2007). We took a bus from Kajang at 9:00 pm and arrived Kuala Besut around 5:20 am in the morning. We decided to go to the nearest surau there before we departed to the island. 

To go to the island, one must took a boat ride from the jetty. For a tourist; local or foreigner, you'll need to pay RM5 for the marine park fee before you take the boat ride and enter the island. You just need to pay once at the jetty. 

The moment when Mr Ismail, the one who I dealt with regarding our accomodation, packages etc told me via  the phone call about this marine park thingy, I was stunned. I was like.. What the heck was 'merempat'? 

Mr Ismail : Nanti cik jumpa kaunter 'merempat' pastu bayar RM5. Ok? *in Terengganu slang*

Me: Apasal sedih benor nama dia merempat? (Dalam hati)

Then when we asked the people around there where was this 'kaunter merempat', we then realized it was meant to be 'Marine Park'. Lol ^__^

Marine Park = Merempat


Got what I mean? *smirk*

So after we arrived on the island, we couldn't check in yet to our room, hence we decided to go to the famous Windmill  at Long Beach. We went there by a boat taxi (needed to pay RM20/pax).

When we arrived there, we thought that there would be a fleet of stairs for us to go up to the windmill (based on people's blogs etc) but we couldn't find any! Hence we just followed the trekking trail. It was tiresome but the moment we reached on the top of the hill (near the windmill), all of sweats and struggles that we'd been through were paid off. Subhanallah. The view was panoramic and breath-taking. I just wished that I could stay there forever (heh, in your dream Hani!). 

View from the windmill above the hill
Looks like Maldives right?

The iconic windmill

Look at the crystal-clear water!

And here's another picture from the top

After took several pictures and enjoying the breath-taking and scenic scenery, we went back to have our lunch. I booked the packages that came together with meal because it was much more convenience for us as we won't be wondering around, thinking about what to eat and where to eat. And I swear, the food provided were delicious and yummy! :) 

On the second day, we went to snorkeling at 10 am (we were a little bit late for that actually because we thought it was supposed to be at 10.30 am). I was so excited because this was my second time of snorkeling. The last time I did when I was 15 at that time. We were then been given all the equipment needed for snorkeling; life jackets and snorkel (the thing that we used so that we could keep our head in the water and breathe at the same time). We were being informed that there will be 5 checkpoints for us.

1. Tiga ruang
2. Turtle point
3. Shark point
4. Lighthouse
5. Romantic beach

The moment when we arrived at the first check point, the inner child of me just couldn't contain it anymore. I felt like I wanted to jump into the sea immediately. Ever since I was little, I loved being in the water (either it is swimming in a swimming pool/river/beach). It was just overwhelming. It was hard to describe how it feels to what was happening under the water - it was like you have entered and explored an unknown world. I enjoyed watching all the different kinds of fish (the clown fish were totally cute and adorable!), reefs, corals and all the other marines life. I still remembered that I managed to see the turtle, baby shark and ray. I even got a chance to touch the corals and sea cucumber. The sea cucumber that I'd touched was pink in colour and of course, it was slimy and soft on touch. That night, we had a BBQ dinner and slept with smile :) 

Here I am, during the snorkelling

The next day, after having our breakfast, we checked out from our room and headed to jetty. Since we had enough time to be wasted, we decided to go to buy some keropok lekor and keropok losong. I didn't buy much since my family wasn't really fond of them. I just bought some souvenirs for them. 

So that's all for my trip this time.

View from the jetty

The beach

View from the boat during our journey to the island

Here's the package that I took for this trip:

It offers a great deal of promotion up till this November. So, what are you waiting for? Go pack your things and enjoy!

Till then.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)