Sunday, March 13, 2016


This week I had received 3 wedding invitations since it was school holiday season. But of course I couldn't attend all of them. I just managed to attend 2 of them. One was Nica's solemnization. I couldn't attend her reception because I needed to attend AJ's event. 

It felt so great to watch your friends got married. I meant, look at them now. They were all grown up (as if like I hadn't grown up). 

It also fun to catch up with all your friends that you hadn't seen for ages! Everyone had choose their own paths and had a lot to tell. It felt so amazing when you saw all your friends that you hadn't met for almost 8 freaking years! :D

And I learnt so many things from them. I loved when it came to some discussions where we changed opinions because you could learnt from other's perspectives too. 

Being part of Batch 14 of Gerik MJSC taught me a lot and I felt so grateful to be there once. 

Mini reunion of Batch 14 of Gerik MJSC
Photo courtesy: Atirah 

From left: Dzul, AJ, Jiha & me
Oh, please don't get me wrong. Dzul and I were classmates back then in Gerik when we were Form 2. And to take picture with the bride & groom was very hard because they were so many people wanted to take pictures with them (and we even needed to take turn). And when I got the chance, I just took it. Kira macam aci redah je la amik gambar. Sape yang available pakai main masuk je. Dah la panas terik masa tu. I was drenching in sweat! (Euww.. Hiperbola gila ayat) So yeah, that was a decent picture of me on that day.

Congratulations to AJ & wife, Nica & husband for you marriage! May Allah bless you! :)

Thank you so much to all my friends too. I did enjoy my day yesterday and I felt blessed to meet you guys even though for a short period of time. Till we meet again next time!

p/s: Who's turn next?

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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