Sunday, March 13, 2016


This week I had received 3 wedding invitations since it was school holiday season. But of course I couldn't attend all of them. I just managed to attend 2 of them. One was Nica's solemnization. I couldn't attend her reception because I needed to attend AJ's event. 

It felt so great to watch your friends got married. I meant, look at them now. They were all grown up (as if like I hadn't grown up). 

It also fun to catch up with all your friends that you hadn't seen for ages! Everyone had choose their own paths and had a lot to tell. It felt so amazing when you saw all your friends that you hadn't met for almost 8 freaking years! :D

And I learnt so many things from them. I loved when it came to some discussions where we changed opinions because you could learnt from other's perspectives too. 

Being part of Batch 14 of Gerik MJSC taught me a lot and I felt so grateful to be there once. 

Mini reunion of Batch 14 of Gerik MJSC
Photo courtesy: Atirah 

From left: Dzul, AJ, Jiha & me
Oh, please don't get me wrong. Dzul and I were classmates back then in Gerik when we were Form 2. And to take picture with the bride & groom was very hard because they were so many people wanted to take pictures with them (and we even needed to take turn). And when I got the chance, I just took it. Kira macam aci redah je la amik gambar. Sape yang available pakai main masuk je. Dah la panas terik masa tu. I was drenching in sweat! (Euww.. Hiperbola gila ayat) So yeah, that was a decent picture of me on that day.

Congratulations to AJ & wife, Nica & husband for you marriage! May Allah bless you! :)

Thank you so much to all my friends too. I did enjoy my day yesterday and I felt blessed to meet you guys even though for a short period of time. Till we meet again next time!

p/s: Who's turn next?

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tukang komen

Kadang-kadang bila bersama ni bagus sebab banyak idea yang akan timbul bila sesi berdiskusi. Tapi, bila terlalu banyak idea, akan timbul satu masalah, mana satu idea yang nak dipilih. Lagi bertambah perit bilamana ada orang-orang yang pasif ada dalam sesi diskusi tersebut.

Kau bagi idea 1 - 1000, ada sahaja 1001 benda yang akan dibidasnya.

" Tak boleh la buat macam ni. Nanti kang.."

" Kalau buat macam ni, takkan berjaya.."

Komen sahaja tanpa apa-apa tindakan tak guna. Cuba bagi idea yang bernas. Ini tak, tahu memangkah sahaja, namun hasilnya tiada. 

Itu kadang-kadang aku rasa lebih selesa buat kerja sendirian sebab aku bebas memilih. 

Kalau setakat jadi tukang komen, aku pun boleh buat.

without wax,