Saturday, February 27, 2016

Post EOP exam

So last week, we had sit for our EOP exam for Orthopaedic and Emergency Medicine postings. Yeah, 2 postings in one go. I hardly able to breathe during these two postings.

Let me started with Emergency Medicine (EM) first because my first clinical exam was EM. So I got a case of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). The examiner told me to take a short history and then present the case to him. I thought it was a short case where we didn't need to take the history and all that, but unfortunately I did have to! (The rest of my friends didn't have to,only some of us). Different examiners had their own styles, so yeah. Then, he asked me to do CVS examination, interpret the ECG and discuss about the management. For viva, I got a pneumothorax case. Well, it was a Q&A session. I had done my very best so I leave the rest to the Almighty Allah to decide.

The next day was clinical exam for Ortho. As I mentioned before, Ortho wasn't really my forte. I didn't know why but it seemed like we didn't have much connection. For my short case, I got a fracture case at the midshaft of the femur and swelling of the knee. Towards the end of my short case exam, I hardly gave my provisional diagnosis. I was stunned and mute. I completely forgot about osteomyelitis (OM)! (Yes, it was OM case actually). I could only sighed and walked away, waiting patiently for my turn for viva. As for the viva, I felt like I was decapitated. I felt so bad. The question that I got was about brachial plexus injury but I didn't study much about it, hence, I had the instinct that I was going to fail terribly. Even the examiner asked me, "Did you go to the class?" "Oh, yes! Definitely! I even sit in the front row of the class." But, poor thing. I felt that I wanted to buried myself to the ground.

And as for theory, let's be honest. I suck. For both of them (especially Osce for Ortho & EM). Nevertheless, I prayed that I could pass both of these posting. I didn't want to repeat them :(

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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