Sunday, January 17, 2016

A trip to Korea - Part 2

Day 4: 26/12/2015

For the fourth day, we planned to go to Nami Island. I was very excited because as a big fan of Winter Sonata, I just couldn't help it :)

But what's more exciting was, it was snowing that night. The moment we wanted to step out from the hostel, we could see that all the pavements were covered up with snow. What a perfect day! We hoped that Nami Island would be snowy too. 

Snowy in Incheon
Before we went to Nami Island, we went to Deoksugung Palace because we wanted to try the hanbok at there (since we couldn't get a chance to try it at Busan). Well, actually there were other places that had offered a chance to try the hanbok, but some of it you would need to pay and some didn't. The famous one was in Myeongdong but I was informed that it was only opened during weekdays, not during the weekend. 

Hence, we went to the palace again and guessed what? We were the first who had come there. Semangat gila sebab hanbok punya pasal, even palace tu tak buka lagi kitorang dah terpacak kat sana. Sempat la aku tengok guards tu practice untuk changing of guards session. Masuk kali ni dah dekat 3 kali aku tengok changing of guards kat Korea ni. 

Session untuk try hanbok tu buka pukul 10:30 am. Nampak je orang yang handle hanbok tu datang, berlari kitorang kat dia. Padahal memang dah tahu, kitorang je yang ada masa tu untuk try hanbok. Semangat benor nak jadi yang pertama. Hahaha

Deoksugung Palace

With one of the guards. Cantik kan costume dorang?

Kalau kat tempat lain maybe takleh bergambar
dengan real guards while wearing hanbok.
Only in Deoksugung (perhaps)?
Gitu hah tagline.

Us, in front of the palace.
Ye, aku tau mata aku sepet -.-
After that, we went to Nami Island by train and bus. It was reported that the temperature at that time was 1°C but there was no snow. Walaupun macam tu aku still rasa sejuk dia sampai ke tulang. Pula tu buat langkah berani mati tak pakai long john. Bajet lah badan kebal. Ceh..

Gapyeong Station

Nami Island

Yang macam belon putih tu actually lampu.
Cantik bila dah gelap :)

Ice sculpture -- specially made in winter

Ramai orang bergambar dengan patung-patung macam ni.
As a proud Malaysian, mestilah bergambar dengan patung
yang ada ciri-ciri Malaysia!

Pho Bo - A Vietnamese beef noodle with the sweetness of broth, and fulled of herbs.
Reminded me of Vietnam. Kat Nami Island ni ada je restaurant yang halal :D

Masuk dalam library kanak-kanak. Seronok gila library dia!

Sebelah library tu restaurant halal.
Masuk dalam tu, tingkat 2 ada musolla.

Nak bergambar kat sini pun kena beratur.
Tapi rasanya semua tourist kat sini macam ada sense of that.
Tak yah cakap or kena ada papan tanda 'Sila beratur'.

The famous statue!

Punyalah mencari dari mana arah datang suara gong.
Rupanya orang dok main benda alah ni.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
[Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken]

The view from the island

I tried to shrink myself so that I could occupy this small hut :)

Nak bergambar kat tempat first kiss winter sonata tu,
tapi ada pula shooting apa entah. Lama gila nak tunggu.
At last, I gave up.

Kalau nak ronda pulau ni dengan train pun boleh.
Nak naik basikal pun boleh. Duit je la

Then, we headed off to Insadong to buy some souvenirs. I didn't get a chance to go to Myeongdong and Namedaemun, but based on what I heard, if you wanted to buy souvenirs, you should try at there too. Insadong was good too. They offered you souvenirs like t-shirts, paperclips with Korea logo, a set of chopsticks and spoon, keychains etc. I didn't buy much (lepas tu balik Malaysia menyesal tahap apa, padahal duit banyak je lagi). Tapi yang paling rare sekali, aku pergi beli koleksi setem Korea tahun 90 an. Rare gila kan? Fateh siap kata lagi yang aku ni rare gila pergi beli setem. orang lain bercuti pergi beli keychain ke apa. Well, I'm an avid stamp and keychain collector. Biasa kalau travel, aku dengan mak aku akan beli setem or post card. Tapi kali ni aku tengok post card dia tak berapa lawa. Yelah jual tepi jalan, what do you expect? Lain la kalau aku pergi post office kan? 

Next, we went to Itaewon. Itaewon was famous because there were so many foreigners there. It was also famous for the one and only Central Mosque (correct me if I'm wrong). But to get through there, you would see that there were bars and clubs along the streets. Oh, speaking about the irony. And of course, you can find so many halal foods here. Guilty pleasure for Malaysian I guess :) 

Itaewon Central Mosque

After bought the take-away dinner at one of the Turkish restaurant, we went back to Incheon. Needed to pack up all my belongings because tomorrow, I'll be home :D

Day 5: 27/12/2015

Long story short, my flight was at 9:30 am. So I took the earliest train at 5:30 am to go to the airport. When we arrived there, we quickly perform our prayer at the breastfeeding room. I then rushed to check in. When I looked at my watch, I was like, oh no! 8:30 am and I didn't pass through the immigration counter yet. I was damn late. Please don't close the gate yet. I didn't get a chance to say good bye to Fateh properly as I was battling against time. The clock was ticking. After pass through the immigration counter, I ran off towards the gate and waited for the train. Yeah, we needed to ride a train to go for the other side of the airport, and there, my plane awaited. I pushed myself off the limits. I thought that if the gate was closed, how the heck am I going back to Malaysia? And how am I going to the class tomorrow? Oh God! But thankfully, I barely managed to arrive in front of the gate 5 minutes earlier. Phew! I felt like I was in the middle of the Amazing Race programme. Lol. 

Alhamdulillah, I was safely arrived in Malaysia around 4 pm and I missed Korea already. Indeed it gave me a lot of good and joyful memories that I could't forget :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)


Ain Kiera said...

Nak tanya, subway last kat korea pukul berapa ye?

haniyahaya said...

Tak sure. Tapi setahu saya dalam pukul 11 malam macam tu last.