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I am now in Emergency Medicine (EM) posting. Ever since I was a little kid, I had been always fascinated by the ER show *insert the theme song here* Yeah, I blamed my aunt who gave me such influence ever since I was a little and innocent kid. Hence, I always dream that I would be an EM Physician one day (I'm still considering it) and I've been always looking forward for this posting. And now, here I am.

ER Cast. I love Dr Greene (3rd from right) and Dr Carter (1st from right)

Honestly, in A&E department, things weren't like what the TV show had portrayed. It was different. Totally different. Mind you that it wasn't always patients came with V-tach and needed defibrillation. It wasn't always chaos all the time, with bloods everywhere, patients screaming of pain and the doctors running around here and there.

I always love to spend my time in Emergency Department (ED) even though I didn't usually spend most of my time there. But I just love the adrenaline rush and the vibes that ED always gave me whenever I went there. I liked to be in the procedure room in the green zone where I could observe, assist and even did the minor procedures like do the blood taking, dressing, suturing (T&S), opening the sutures, limb immobilization like applying the splint and many more. I love suturing. Although I wasn't that good like some of my friends but I just love to stitch and suture. Oh, please don't judge me in a creepy way :)

Nevertheless, last week had gave me so many remarkable and amazing memories that I could never forget in my entire life. 

I was in red zone that day. At first, it was calm. The patients was not as many as in the other zones (yellow, green, blue and CARRS). But then, one by one started to come. There were so many procedures and interesting cases that I could observe and learn on that day. I did offer to give a help to some of them; like applying the nasogastric tube, intubation (basically I just hold the ambu bag, lol), exposing the patient, transferring the patient, fill in the blood forms etc. But the best part was, I was able to perform the CPR for the first time on a real patient. Yes, CPR! CPR is actually one of the procedures in our curriculum that required us to perform. Perform, not observed nor assist! 

Source : Google
Mind you that I haven't go to Basic Life Support (BLS) course yet (BLS is a course where you will learn how to save people like how to do CPR, and if you encounter people with chocking, what will you do etc. You'll get a certificate for that). I was supposed to go on next week. What I knew about CPR was based on my knowledge 3 years ago when there was Anaesthesia Day in my university where the anaesthesiologists had taught us about CPR and stuffs. At first I was afraid. What if I did was wrong? There were the specialists, registrars, MOs and nurses around and I was a medical student who her knowledge on CPR was quite rusty and hadn't perform a real CPR (except on the mannequin, but heck..does it even count?). But I just did anyway. Well, it was time I grabbed this chance. Not to forget with the adrenaline rush that pumped through my veins, the sweats. Only Allah know how I felt at that time. Luckily the specialist, MOs and nurses were so supportive. They gave us (medical students) chances to perform CPR. 

In the end, we couldn't save the patient despite of all the efforts that we'd pulled through. RIP dear uncle. 

Anyway, I did enjoy EM posting so far. I'm looking forward to learn more and improve my skills. Honestly, I have so many things that I'm lacking of; knowledge, skills and the list goes on and on. And to tell you the truth, I have always this kind of inferiority complex that running through me whenever I'm with my friends. I just feel that I am not competent enough. 

Okay, that's all. Too much rambles tonight. Till then.

Dr. Mark Greene: Don't ever say you're sorry. See, there's two kinds of doctors... there's the kind that gets rid of their feelings, and the kind that keeps them. If you're gonna keep your feelings, you're gonna get sick from time to time - that's just how it works.

Dr. Mark Greene: People come in here and they're sick and dying and bleeding, and they need our help. Helping them is more important than how we feel. But it's still a pain the ass sometimes.

Here's the quote that I love the most from ER. It was the scene where Dr Carter (at that time was a medical student) had a mental breakdown and Dr Greene came to cheer him up and gave him an inspiring advice. Click here to watch the video.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A trip to Korea - Part 2

Day 4: 26/12/2015

For the fourth day, we planned to go to Nami Island. I was very excited because as a big fan of Winter Sonata, I just couldn't help it :)

But what's more exciting was, it was snowing that night. The moment we wanted to step out from the hostel, we could see that all the pavements were covered up with snow. What a perfect day! We hoped that Nami Island would be snowy too. 

Snowy in Incheon
Before we went to Nami Island, we went to Deoksugung Palace because we wanted to try the hanbok at there (since we couldn't get a chance to try it at Busan). Well, actually there were other places that had offered a chance to try the hanbok, but some of it you would need to pay and some didn't. The famous one was in Myeongdong but I was informed that it was only opened during weekdays, not during the weekend. 

Hence, we went to the palace again and guessed what? We were the first who had come there. Semangat gila sebab hanbok punya pasal, even palace tu tak buka lagi kitorang dah terpacak kat sana. Sempat la aku tengok guards tu practice untuk changing of guards session. Masuk kali ni dah dekat 3 kali aku tengok changing of guards kat Korea ni. 

Session untuk try hanbok tu buka pukul 10:30 am. Nampak je orang yang handle hanbok tu datang, berlari kitorang kat dia. Padahal memang dah tahu, kitorang je yang ada masa tu untuk try hanbok. Semangat benor nak jadi yang pertama. Hahaha

Deoksugung Palace

With one of the guards. Cantik kan costume dorang?

Kalau kat tempat lain maybe takleh bergambar
dengan real guards while wearing hanbok.
Only in Deoksugung (perhaps)?
Gitu hah tagline.

Us, in front of the palace.
Ye, aku tau mata aku sepet -.-
After that, we went to Nami Island by train and bus. It was reported that the temperature at that time was 1°C but there was no snow. Walaupun macam tu aku still rasa sejuk dia sampai ke tulang. Pula tu buat langkah berani mati tak pakai long john. Bajet lah badan kebal. Ceh..

Gapyeong Station

Nami Island

Yang macam belon putih tu actually lampu.
Cantik bila dah gelap :)

Ice sculpture -- specially made in winter

Ramai orang bergambar dengan patung-patung macam ni.
As a proud Malaysian, mestilah bergambar dengan patung
yang ada ciri-ciri Malaysia!

Pho Bo - A Vietnamese beef noodle with the sweetness of broth, and fulled of herbs.
Reminded me of Vietnam. Kat Nami Island ni ada je restaurant yang halal :D

Masuk dalam library kanak-kanak. Seronok gila library dia!

Sebelah library tu restaurant halal.
Masuk dalam tu, tingkat 2 ada musolla.

Nak bergambar kat sini pun kena beratur.
Tapi rasanya semua tourist kat sini macam ada sense of that.
Tak yah cakap or kena ada papan tanda 'Sila beratur'.

The famous statue!

Punyalah mencari dari mana arah datang suara gong.
Rupanya orang dok main benda alah ni.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
[Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken]

The view from the island

I tried to shrink myself so that I could occupy this small hut :)

Nak bergambar kat tempat first kiss winter sonata tu,
tapi ada pula shooting apa entah. Lama gila nak tunggu.
At last, I gave up.

Kalau nak ronda pulau ni dengan train pun boleh.
Nak naik basikal pun boleh. Duit je la

Then, we headed off to Insadong to buy some souvenirs. I didn't get a chance to go to Myeongdong and Namedaemun, but based on what I heard, if you wanted to buy souvenirs, you should try at there too. Insadong was good too. They offered you souvenirs like t-shirts, paperclips with Korea logo, a set of chopsticks and spoon, keychains etc. I didn't buy much (lepas tu balik Malaysia menyesal tahap apa, padahal duit banyak je lagi). Tapi yang paling rare sekali, aku pergi beli koleksi setem Korea tahun 90 an. Rare gila kan? Fateh siap kata lagi yang aku ni rare gila pergi beli setem. orang lain bercuti pergi beli keychain ke apa. Well, I'm an avid stamp and keychain collector. Biasa kalau travel, aku dengan mak aku akan beli setem or post card. Tapi kali ni aku tengok post card dia tak berapa lawa. Yelah jual tepi jalan, what do you expect? Lain la kalau aku pergi post office kan? 

Next, we went to Itaewon. Itaewon was famous because there were so many foreigners there. It was also famous for the one and only Central Mosque (correct me if I'm wrong). But to get through there, you would see that there were bars and clubs along the streets. Oh, speaking about the irony. And of course, you can find so many halal foods here. Guilty pleasure for Malaysian I guess :) 

Itaewon Central Mosque

After bought the take-away dinner at one of the Turkish restaurant, we went back to Incheon. Needed to pack up all my belongings because tomorrow, I'll be home :D

Day 5: 27/12/2015

Long story short, my flight was at 9:30 am. So I took the earliest train at 5:30 am to go to the airport. When we arrived there, we quickly perform our prayer at the breastfeeding room. I then rushed to check in. When I looked at my watch, I was like, oh no! 8:30 am and I didn't pass through the immigration counter yet. I was damn late. Please don't close the gate yet. I didn't get a chance to say good bye to Fateh properly as I was battling against time. The clock was ticking. After pass through the immigration counter, I ran off towards the gate and waited for the train. Yeah, we needed to ride a train to go for the other side of the airport, and there, my plane awaited. I pushed myself off the limits. I thought that if the gate was closed, how the heck am I going back to Malaysia? And how am I going to the class tomorrow? Oh God! But thankfully, I barely managed to arrive in front of the gate 5 minutes earlier. Phew! I felt like I was in the middle of the Amazing Race programme. Lol. 

Alhamdulillah, I was safely arrived in Malaysia around 4 pm and I missed Korea already. Indeed it gave me a lot of good and joyful memories that I could't forget :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

A trip to Korea - Part 1

First of all, I am sorry if this post contain mix of languages. 

So last week I just went to Korea. Honestly, Korea wasn't on top of my bucket list but I told myself, why not just give it a try?

Mind you that I'm not a big fan of Korean dramas or k-pop etc. I used to love watching Korean dramas but that was waaaayyy too long before this Korean wave started to attack. I still remembered that I used to love watching Winter Sonata. Gigih sangat follow cerita tu sampaikan ulangan dia setiap petang sanggup tengok, walaupun tahu nanti sampai kat sekolah agama akan lambat. Tu belum lagi campur sanggup pergi rumah kawan semata-mata nak guna internet rumah dia untuk google gambar pelakon winter sonata & print. (Back when internet was damn slow to connect; you had to connect it with your phone line and the sound.. Urghhh)
We both were big fan of that drama! Bukan kitorang je, bahkan ada lagi classmates yang join sekaki, termasuklah lelaki! Ha, hebat tak hebat? 

Okay back to the story. This trip was my first-ever solo trip abroad. Not really a solo backpacker since I brought along a luggage. Tapi nak kata solo sangat pun tak juga sebab my best friend, Fateh was there. So basically I travelled around Korea with her. Nak harapkan aku, cakap Korea pun tak reti, baca hangul pun sepatah haram aku tak tahu. Mau mati kejung aku kat bumi Korea tu. Lolz.

Since belajar medic ni bukan senang nak dapat cuti dan aku pun tak nak miss kelas banyak, so aku pilih tarikh yang ada cuti umum. Hence I decided to go to Korea on 23-27 December 2015.

Aku naik AirAsia. Biggest mistake no. 1. Aku ingat naik tu murah, tapi bila tengok balik harga dia tak jauh beza pun dengan MAS. Takpelah nak buat macam mana kan dah terbeli. Since masa tu cuti sekolah & Krismas maka harga tiket tu agak mahal la. Aku tak tahu la, tapi masa aku tanya orang lain, dorang dapat harga murah. Takpelah, asalkan dapat travel on that time. Sebab bila aku tanya dorang balik, mostly pergi Korea lebih seminggu. Memang padanlah dorang dapat tiket harga murah. Aku ni pergi 5 hari je. Pulak tu masa peak holidays. 

Day 1: 23/12/2015

Aku punya flight pukul 1:00 pagi waktu Malaysia. Perjalanan ke Korea memakan masa 6 jam 40 minit. Tapi disebabkan Korea ni cepat sejam, so aku sampai pukul 8:40 pagi. Masa tu suhu around 4°C. Taklah sejuk mana. Breezy and chilly gitu.

But before that, there was an epic story that I wanted to tell you. I order to enter Korea, you have to fill in the declaration form. And I being such a reckless person forgot to ask Fateh earlier what is her Korean phone number and her hostel's address. Biggest mistake number 2!

So at the immigration centre, I prayed so that the officer won't questioned me that much. When it was time for me, I gave her my form. She looked and asked me..

Officer : Where are you going to stay in Korea? (While looking at my form)

Me: Seoul (deep in my heart, I prayed that she won't ask further)

Officer: Which part of Seoul? Address?

I sighed deeply. Man, I was doomed. I hoped that she won't bring me to the interrogation room like FBI or CIA. I was thinking hard.

Me: I'm going to stay with my friend. She is studying here in Korea. I totally forget where's her university is.

Officer: Can you call her? 

Me: I can't. I don't have her Korean phone number. Plus I don't have the internet. If I have the onternet, then I can contact her.

Officer: It is important because this is regarding the security.

I looked at her and pulled off my innocent face. And guess what, after few seconds she actually fell for it! Muahahaha (evil laugh). After the interrogation, I quickly walked off and went to get my luggage!

After waiting for few minutes, Fateh came. We then went to our first stop, Gyeongbokgung Palace. We went there by subway. Fateh had bought T-money card earlier for me, so it was easier for me to go anywhere by public transports. It was some sort of Touch N' Go card where you can used it for public transports like subway and bus. 

Before we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, we planned to store my heavy luggage in the locker at the subway station but after went to 2 subway stations, we couldn't find any empty lockers. -______-
Hence, what we did was dragged along the heavy luggage across Seoul city to the nearest subway station at Gyeongbokgung Palace (I forgot the name of the station). People looked at us in weird way. What the heck these two girls carrying along a luggage across this city and the palace? 

After we had suffered enough carrying the luggage, we somehow managed to store my luggage in a locker. I guessed I could pull off some muscles with this kind of exercise. Weh, gila tak gila kau angkut luggage 16.8 kg turun naik tangga subway. Tu belum campur lagi jalan dia yang tak rata. Pergh! Ini Badang pun boleh menuntut dengan aku untuk ilmu bina badan. Lol.

Basically on the first day, we went to tour around Seoul. Since I loved history and culture, Fateh took me to see the palaces and museums. 

We went to:
1. Gyeonbokgung Palace
2. Deoksugung Palace
3. Namsagol Hanok Village

In front of King Sejong statue.
From what I'd been told, King Sejong was the king of Joseon-dynasty. He was the one who introduced Hangul (the alphabet in Korean language). They also had him in ₩10 000 note. 

Oh yes! I forgot to mention, entrance fee for the Gyeongbokgung Palace was ₩ 3 000. It was extremely large!

with the guard in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

one of the attractions here: the old street ke apa ntah nama dia. Lupa.
It was some kind reincarnation of zaman dulu-dulu.

Sempat lah jugak kitorang tengok exchange of guards kat situ. Lepas pergi situ, kitorang pergi Deoksugung Palace. Palace ni macam tak ramai sangat orang pergi. Entrance fee: ₩ 1 000. Maybe sebab dia tak besar sangat macam Gyeongbokgung Palace kot? Entahlah. Tapi suka je kat sini. Plus baju guards dia lagi cantik compared kat Gyeongbokgung Palace. Lol. Oh, kat sini pun boleh try Hanbok. Free of charge. Orang tu ada offer kitorang untuk try Hanbok kat pintu masuk palace tu, tapi kitorang tolak since nak kejar masa. Banyak lagi tempat nak pergi lepas ni. Kena book dulu then, dia ada masa-masa dia.
Lepas pergi situ, kitorang solat kat City Hall Museum apa ntah. Tapi banyak pak cik-pak cik melepak kat sini. Hahaha. rare gila pak cik-pak cik kat sini. Melepak kat museum. Kelasss gitu. 

On the way kitorang nak pergi subway station, ada perasan satu tangga ni. Dia macam campaign untuk donation for paraplegic children. Aku tak lah donate sebab aku tak nampak pulak tabung donation tu. Cuma jakun dengan tangga tu yang every step kita naik/turun, dia ada mainkan music macam ala-ala piano. Aku pernah je nampak benda ni masa orang share dulu sebab nak encourage orang naik tangga instead of escalator. Memang cool la. Excuse my retard face masa dok turun tangga ni :D


Then, we went to Namsagol Hanok Village. Masa nak pergi sini pun mencari jugak mana. Nasib ada akak yang cantik ni tunjuk jalan. Dah la English dia flawless. Memang baik hati gila bila dia nampak kitorang macam termangu cari jalan. Namsagol Hanok Village ni macam kau tengok macam mana perkampungan Korea zaman dulu-dulu. Masa aku pergi ni ada la dekat 2 pasangan buat pre-wed photo dorang. Tengok Hanbok bride tu cantik gila!! Yang si photographer pulak dok bagi arahan sepelaung macam gaya nak bagi arahan kat semua orang. Tak menahan bila dia cakap, "kiss,kiss". Aku tahan gelak je la dalam hati. Kuat gila jerit. Btw kat sini PDA (Public Display of Affection) memang merata. So kau pejam mata je la >.<

Otw to Namsagol Hanok Village. Sempat lagi bergambar kat tepi jalan.

I. Seoul. U :)
If you can see in the background, there was Namsan Tower.
Tak pergi pun, tengok dari jauh je

One of the houses in there

What's inside a traditional Korean house

Masa ni sempat bergambar sebelum couples yang nak photo shoot
pre-wed dorang take-over this place

In front of National Palace Museum of Korea
Lepas tu kitorang pergi balik subway station untuk amik luggage aku tu ha. Masa tu dah nak Maghrib. So we were thinking, where can we pray? We then went to the National Palace Museum of Korea (gambar di atas) at the first place because we wanted to perform our prayer there. We went to the breastfeeding room, but the guards glared at us and gave us the sign of buat-apa-kat-breastfeeding-room-tapi-kau-tak-bawa-baby? So we decided to pray outside of the museum. Mula-mula rasa macam ok ke tak eh nak solat kat tengah tempat awam? Polis tu agak-agak marah ke tak? Tapi kitorang tawakal je la. Bukan kau buat salah pun kan? Kau nak solat. Ni first time aku solat kat tengah tempat awam di kala musim sejuk. Mula-mula tu rasa sejuk juga la. Nak angkat takbir memang menggigil juga sebab masa tu dah gelap walaupun jam baru pukul 5 petang. Ada jugak orang yang lalu lalang tengok kitorang macam pelik, tapi dorang takde lah buat apa-apa pun :)

After that, we went to Incheon since Fateh's uni was in Incheon and I planned to stay there at her hostel. We needed to rush because Fateh had her English class later at 8:45 pm. Tapi tengah-tengah rushing tu pulak la kitorang boleh salah amik train. Memang azab betul la nak pergi tukar train dengan angkut luggage berat mengalahkan anak gajah. Bukan apa, dalam tu berat sebab makanan bawak dari Malaysia. Hehehe :D

Masa English class tu memang seronok la sebab boleh bergaul dengan local yang English dorang ok. Aku ni je sibuk yang mengendeng nak join Fateh yang jadi tenaga pengajar kat situ. Balik dari English class tu, we went to the rooftop hostel Fateh. Dapatlah tengok Incheon from rooftop. Tapi angin malam winter dia sejuk gila, so takdelah aku lama-lama kat rooftop tu. Gila. Kalau aku mati kena frostbite karang payah la pulak.

Day 2 & 3: 24-25/12/2015

We went to Busan by bus. Total bus fare:₩48 000 pergi balik. Kitorang amik tiket bas paling awal pagi tu sebab perjalanan ke Busan ni dekat 3 jam lebih. Pukul 8:40 kitorang gerak, sampai dalam pukul 12 lebih. Oh btw, orang Korea ni punctual gila bab masa. Jangan nak buat perangai Melayu kita yang kalau janji pukul sekian sekian tapi lepas berapa jam baru kau terpacak sampai. Mampus kau kena tinggal. Even kitorang punya tiket kata pukul 8:40 am, tapi pukul 8:30 am orang dah penuh dah naik bas tu. Tepat jam 8:40 am bas tu gerak dari stesen bas. Kalau kau lambat memang wassalam. 

Sampai Busan, kitorang makan lunch and solat dulu so that takdelah nak terkejar-kejar nak solat nanti. Solat pun dekat tepi tangga je. Cuma tangga tu tersorok sikit la. 

After that, we took a subway and bus to Taejongdae. Masa dalam subway tu, ada sorang pak cik ni nampak aku pegang guidebook 11 Hot Places 'Must-Visit' in Busan. Dia tunjuk la tempat macam Haeundae beach, Taejongdae tu sambil buat isyarat bagus. Even dia tak cakap and just pakai bahasa isyarat, tapi nampak lah dia gigih nak tolong kitorang sambil promote Busan. Baik gila! Memang basically lain la sikit orang Seoul and Busan ni. Seoul macam urban gitu. Orang pun buat tak endah je. Tapi Busan ni you can sense their positive vibes, warmness in welcoming and helping you. 

But then, masa kitorang sampai Taejongdae tu dah dekat pukul 5. Dah nak gelap. So nak tengok scenery laut tu tak berapa nampak sangatlah. Nak tengok sunset pun dah terlepas. Dapat tengok banyak pasangan pergi sini ye lah.. and also mak cik & pak cik pangkat atuk nenek yang gigih hiking naik turun bukit. Weh, fit gila! Aku yang baru 22 ni dah macam semput, tak cukup nyawa nak naik turun bukit kat situ! Nampak sangat tak fit. Lol.

Belakang tu mercu tanda dia.
Picture taken around 6 pm. 

We then went to BIFF Square and Gukje Market. Masa nak pergi sini, we were wandering around, macam mana eh? Macam sesat. Fateh then asked this local man. Harapkan aku, memang haram aku tak tahu cakap Korea. Tapi nasib baik pak cik ni boleh cakap English juga. So dia yang bawak kitorang pergi situ. Sanggup tu jalan dekat 10 minit nak tunjukkan jalan. Bukan tunjuk lagi dah, memang bawak kitorang sampai betul-betul depan BIFF Square and Gukje Market tu. Memang terharu gila. May God bless you! 

Kat sini jangan lepaskan peluang makan 'hotteok', a sweet Korean pancake stuffed with seeds. Makan panas-panas time winter sedap gila! Murah je. 1 for ₩1 000. 

Lepas makan kat area market tu, we then went to Gwangali Beach. Since it was night before Christmas Eve, so there were many couples went there to celebrate it with their partners. Siap bawak mercun, kek la bagai. Aku dengan Fateh je la yang berdua. Forever alone. Nope, we have each other backs giteww :)

Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square

Ni la mak cik yang juat hotteok tu 

Gwangali Beach

Busan at night
Lepas dah menghirup udara bayu malam, kitorang pun pergi guest house yang Fateh dah book. It was Kim's Guest House. Mr Kim ni memang peramah. Service dia pun tip top la. And since dia dah pernah pergi Malaysia 5 kali aku rasa dia faham la yang kitorang tak stay campur. Dia bagi kitorang bilik yang semua perempuan. So aku stay dalam dorm tu dengan lagi 2 orang from Taiwan, sorang lagi local Korean. 

Kim's House Busan  -- Recommended!

Near the street in Busan.

The next day, early in the morning, we went to Haeundae Beach, Dongbaek Park and Nurimaru APEC House. It was really fun to stroll in the beach in midst of hectic urban life. It gave you indescribable calmness.  

Haeundae beach

Dongbaek Park

Dongbaek Park

Behind was Nurimaru APEC House

The famous banana milk. Good.
Thank God I didn't get any diarrhea that morning since I had lactose intolerance

After that, we went to Oryukdo Skywalk. Actually skywalk ni takdelah besar mana, kecik je. Aku rasa orang Korea ni memang memanfaatkan sepenuhnya apa yang dorang ada. Pandai betul dorang eksploitasi nature dan jadikan satu tempat perlancongan. 

Oryukdo Skywalk

Oryukdo Skywalk- basically dia macam jambatan lutsinar and kau boleh tengok laut kat bawah tu ha.
 Ramai je yang gayat dok naik atas ni. Entahlah aku bab-bab tinggi ni memang suka.
Oh nak naik sini kena pakai kain untuk tutup kasut (dia provide).
Tujuan: nak jaga supaya kaca jambatan ni tak calar atau pecah atau retak.
Kau jangan buat jakun gi melompat atas tu pulak.

Then we headed off to Busan Museum. We actually wanted to try the free hanbok there but we were informed that it was already fully booked. The only one left was at 3:00 pm session. We said that we couldn't because we had a bus at 3:50 pm to catch. Hence, with broken hearts, we just wandering around the museum. 

Busan Museum. Again, aku ni pecinta sejarah. Maka wajiblah ke muzium.

In front of Busan Museum.

After performing our prayer there, we then went to the bus station to take a bus to Incheon. 

Day 4 and day 5.. to be continued

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

[28122015. 2308. Shah Alam]