Monday, November 30, 2015


My high school classmate once told me that I was a nerd. I flipped around. I was like.. No, I am not! A nerd? Are you kidding me? 

I asked him why he said that. He told me that I always finished my homework and always obeyed the school's laws and regulations. 

I had to say that it was 50:50.

The homework part was true. I had to admit that I always finished my homework on time and as always, my homework would be the source of references for my friends to copy & paste (oh well.. The life of a boarding school students. Flipped hair).

I never went out to hang out with my friends. My parents hardly gave me the permission to go out with my friends even though it was during school holidays. Well at that time, you looked cool if you hung out with your friends at the mall and I was trying to be one. Lulz. But of course, my parents won't allow me even though I was born and raised in KL (I hardly remembered all the roads in KL). Hence, I spent most of my school holidays reading in the public library :)

The law-abiding part.. Oh let's see. It was half true. I obeyed the laws like never missed the school, prep hours and etc. But one thing I that I couldn't comprehend was regarding hand phone. As you can see, I lived in Bangi which was definitely far away from Perak (my boarding school). It was really hard for me if I wanted to go back home and called my parents to tell them where am I because I always went back home by bus. Never in my three years of schooling there my parents picked me up from school. So that was my solid reason of why I always bring my hand phone to school. I didn't use it during weekdays or weekend (I used the public phone to make a call okay?) I just used it whenever I wanted to go back home. But yeah, of course they won't believe me. Rules remain as rules. 

Now coming to think of it, I have to accept that I was such a nerd! 

I know this is a random but when I was walking down through the memory chat logs, photos, blog posts.. I laughed to myself. I was a lame person and.. A nerd! 

And now, coming to the questions..

Are you ashamed of yourself?

Are you proud of yourself?
Not saying that I'm proud (that sounds really boastful ey?) but I'm happy with who I am right now. 

Doesn't matter what people want to say about you, as long as you know who you really are.

Right? Oh now I sounded like Dr Phil. Lol. 
Never mind. This is just a random rant on midnight.

Good night!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

O&G posting

I just finished my O&G posting last 2 weeks and frankly speaking, I kept asking myself for an umpteenth times, what did I learn so far in O&G? 

Honestly, O&G is a very wide thing. It's not only about labour and stuffs. It is way more beyond than that! I hadn't started yet my revision on O&G. Plus I hadn't even started my 4th year subjects which I had planned to do so before this. Such a lazy bum, Hani!

And I guessed I learnt more about O&G this year. Like in my third year, I only went to the labour room for the sake of filling up the logbook and now, I did understand the labour truly was. How they did manage the labour and stuffs. Although I didn't get a chance to conduct a delivery but I had a chance to assist them a little bit (even though not much) like did the venepuncture and helping and learning at the same time from the doctor to suture the perineal tear (I didn't do the suturing part, just applied the lignocaine to patient). I did even got a chance to set the line to a patient in PAC (although in the end it wasn't a success, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!). Got to see procedures like colposcopy, TAHBSO, D&C and hysteroscopy. It was fun :D

Alright. Gotta pull myself up. No more joking and playing around. 

This is a mental note to myself. Please plant it on your cerebral cortex. You're a final year student. You will be graduated soon and become a doctor. Gotta be a safe doctor or else you'll be regret for the rest of your life.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Tagged profile

I have several emails, but I only stick with two emails; one is for all the official things and the another one is for all my social medias. The official one of course sounded like an official email address as it has my name as my email address. In the other hand, the one that I used for all my social media was the email address that I made ever since I was 12, hence the address was kinda childish as it may sound--with all the 'z' just to look cool. Because back then where we tend to spell gurlz for girl, kidz for kid and etc. Sounds pretty cool back then. Lol. Did you get what I mean?

So yesterday I decided to open my second email (the one for social media). I was completely shocked as I had 5000+ mails in my mailbox (it was near to 6k actually). Gosh, how lazy am I to clear up my mailbox. I could see that all the mails were notification emails sent by all the social medias that I'd been signed up for. 

And suddenly I came across with the notification email sent by Tagged. If you don't know what Tagged is, it was actually a social media back in a day where Friendster, Myspace, Hi-5 were popular. The moment I signed in my Tagged profile, I was having a cringe attack and at the same time, I couldn't stop laughing to myself. 

Here's the preview of my Tagged profile..

Source: haniyahaya

OMG! ASDFGHJKL!! What was I thinking back then???

Can you appreciate the background of my profile page? Well you see, I loved blue and black so I preferred to use some darker elements as my profile page theme because I thought it suited me better and of course, I thought it was cool. -.- *sigh* I still remembered that I used to stay up all night long just to edit my Friendster, Myspace, Tagged and Hi-5 profiles. I kept on changing my profile themes and also the background song for my profile. I didn't know how to create my own profile background so what I did was, I went to the the website that had all of these profile themes and then I just copied the html generator code and pasted it in my 'Edit Profile' setting. And voila! I just got a new profile background. Good old memories :)

And look at 'About Me' section.

Music: Whatever sounds cool. 
Yeah, basically I just listen to all kinds of music. From the boybands to the pop rock bands, from the hip hop/rap to R&B and jazz. 

Movies: I guessed I was so lazy to write in this section because trust me, I loved watching movies. I could spent hours and hours to watch movies and did a movie marathon every weekend. But now.. Ain't nobody got time for that! :D

Books: Yeah, that is so like me. I guessed I should add more genres like 'Young adult', 'Romance', 'Self-Help' and also 'General Fiction'.

Sports: I wasn't a type of person who was good in sport. I didn't play much during my high school. I just played hockey when I was in primary school and martial arts (silat) when I was in my secondary school. But don't get me wrong. I loved sports. But sometimes you won't get much chance to be part of the team or represent your schools. And of course, I was such a lazy bum especially to go out and play during 'riadah' :)

About me: blablabla~ Oh God, I guessed I was very lazy to write on this section. 

After having the cringe attack for more than 2 hours, I decided to terminate my Tagged profile. Hahaha. But seriously Tagged, I was very happy reminiscing my old memories. So, thank you!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

My life as a medical student - Part I

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  
Okay the title may sound a little bit cliche. I know. Nevertheless, I decided to write my journey as a medical student here because I thought that it might be helpful for those who want to pursue their studies in medical field. But hey, don't be judgmental. It is not that I'm being bias or what. I wrote this because it was based on my experiences. I never assume that being a medical student means that you're the greatest among all. No way!

So let me begin my story with : Why I want to be a doctor?

First and foremost, ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted to be a doctor. Of course my parents were the major factor of why I want to be one. I still remembered that when Mercy Malaysia had deployed a team of volunteers back in 1999 to Kosovo, I always taught that I wanted to become like that too. Hence, my mum told me that you could be one, if you are a doctor. Ever since that day, I started to say to myself that I want to become a doctor. So whenever the teachers or neighbours or my parents' colleagues asked me, what did I want to be when I grow up, I straight away answered that I wanted to be a doctor. No doubt about that.

But somehow, I was thinking of other professions too, for example forensic doctor. When I was a kid, I was a die-hard fan of a Hong-Kong drama, 'Witness to a Prosecution' and also the hit-TV drama, CSI. Both of them were about forensic medicine and I started to dream to be forensic scientist. I believed that some of you guys might feel the same way as I did when we watched CSI. (It was very cool to watch how did they collect, process and analyse all the evidences until they managed to find the criminal. Plus the technologies that they used. Man, they were awesome!) But it didn't last long. I still stick to be a doctor.

When I was in upper form, I finally discovered that I really wanted to be a doctor. Engineering was out of my list. Sorry to the engineers out there! I was not really good in Physics and Add Maths. Add maths was quite okay, but Physics? I wasn't really good in it. Shame on me. I just studied Physics for the sake of my SPM (This wasn't a good example for you to follow).

So basically, there were a lot of factors that contributed to my choice. My parents also was one of them. You see, my parents were hoping that I could be a doctor one day. Ever since I was a little kid, they had implemented that being a doctor is a noble career; you can help those people who are indeed, so on and so forth. There was also a point where I was at my weakest point- I felt so down because I didn't get the SPC scholarship to pursue in medicine (which it turned out to be a bluff. I actually got it but the thing is the offer letter came out late. Hahaha!). I even asked my mum, what if I don't get a chance to be a doctor? My mom suggested that I took a law instead (which is a BIG NO for me). Coming to think about it now, I don't think that law will work for me :)

If you ask the doctors or any other medical students; why they want to be a doctor, the answer that you will get might varies from one another. It is subjective. Different people have their own reasons of why they choose this path. Whatever it is, this path is very long and such a tumultuous ride. As for me, it is just a beginning. I always pray that Allah will make it easier for me. InsyaAllah. 

without wax,
haniyahaya :) 

p/s: I actually had wrote this post for almost a year and never published it.