Monday, October 26, 2015

without wax

I started this blog on February 2009. Almost 6 years and still counting, Insya-Allah. If it was my kid, next year he/she will go to the primary school. Lol :)
Writing has become my passion ever since I was a kid. I loved writing stories (even though it may sounded totally crap). But most of the time, I wrote a lot in my diary (back when the diary was very popular). 

Hence when the blogging era started to gain its popularity, I said to myself, why not I have one for myself since I used to have my own website when I was 8 years old (Big thanks to my aunt who are willingly to help me create it even though I didn't understand much about it at that time). So voila! I had my own blog!

I still remembered that at that time, I named it 'Journey of My Life'. (Typical) -.-
The url that used at that time was The reasons why I used that were because:

1. I was short for my age. So that's why 'little'.
2. 'Hunny bunny' was my nick name that my friends used to call me. I thought of going with 'hunny bunch' but I guessed hunny bunny suited better :)

I used the blog's name and url for about 1 year and half until I read Digital Fortress book by Dan Brown. I had to say that it was an amazing book. Told ya'! 

From that moment, I started to used 'without wax' as my blog's name and also my signature before I ended my post. I didn't know if any of the bloggers had used the same one as me but as far as I'm concern I had not copied anyone else. 

I hadn't get much readers or followers of my blog after 6 years of writing. (Just looked at the contents of it. I didn't wrote beneficial posts much for the readers). I didn't actually care about the numbers of my readers or followers because my intention at the very first place of having this blog was to write anything that had crossed my mind and also what I had felt after all these while. Plus, I am just a plain girl. 

But when I saw someone who did stole my post (it happened before), my heart was shattered. No wonder some bloggers were very mad if they knew someone who stole/copy and paste their posts or whatsoever without acknowledge or giving them the credits. Now I knew how it feels. Because sometimes to write something it wasn't that easy. It sometimes need a lot of hard works, time and many more.Trust me. 

And now I thought of the idea of writing in a blog wasn't as popular as before and no one would ever do that plagiarism thing again. But recently I found it. I didn't know if it was a coincidence? I hoped that it was a coincidence. 

Maybe some of you might say that it was a small matters, don't need to brag about it. Dang! Man, you are totally wrong. I do really care about it because plagiarism is very unethical. At least give some credits. 

I should have stopped now. Gotta pull myself up to study. 

Till then.

without wax,
haniyahaya :) 

p/s: I thought of writing about this before but I couldn't manage to find it where it went. I should checked my draft or thrash after this.

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