Saturday, October 3, 2015

Elective posting at Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras

So recently, I just finished my elective posting at Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras (HRC). The posting is actually where you can do at which ever department that you want, and where it is. You have to do it in a group of people (minimum 6 pax. Our group consisted of 6 pax). We chose to do ours at HRC because it is nearer to our houses  (sort of).

Frankly speaking, at the very first place, I didn't want to do my posting there. After all the trials and tribulations (heh) that we had faced, I just didn't have the heart to go with it. So with a heavy heart of mine, I just walked in through the door. 

Since we only had 6 people, we were being divided into 3 different departments; stroke, spinal and amputee that means 2 person in each department. I was lucky enough to be posted at the stroke department with my friend, FA. Oh just great! I didn't feel that I wanted to do this posting and now I'd been placed at the department that had been giving me a nightmare when I was in 3rd year (I was almost failed my medicine posting because I got a stroke case for my EOP. It was just bad) . Just great! 

But my perspective was changed the moment I met the HOD of the Stroke Dept and the rest of the specialist and MOs there. They were so kind, nice and willing to teach us (despite of I think I was the biggest loser-- Yeah, I guessed my brain seemed to have atrophied due to long holiday after Eid).

Nevertheless, I did enjoyed my posting there. I enjoyed the ward rounds, IDR (interdisciplinary rounds where all the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, audiologist, speech therapist etc.), clinic session, CME, teaching session and last but not least-- The Journal Club (where all the doctors gather together and discussed about a journal).

And honestly speaking, I missed IDR the most because I loved to see all of them from different departments gathered and discussed together about the patients' progress.

Big thanks to all the staffs (specialists, MOs, sisters, staff nurses and etc) for all your kindness. It has been a pleasure for us to be posted there in ward 1B. Till we meet again! :)

FA and me together with Dr Yati, the HOD of Ward 1B

without wax,
haniyahaya :)


Ezatul Amira said...

How to apply elective posting at hrc? Any requirements x? Ade borang ke ?

haniyahaya said...

Yup. Ada borang dia. At the same time, buat surat apply dekat Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan. Boleh check website HRC untuk download borang dia. Good luck!

陆志辉 said...

Came across ur blog from searchig HRC. I have few enquiries to check with you regarding HRC.
Do HRC receive inpatient? How do i admit my father to HRC ? He just had stroke last week.

haniyahaya said...

Hello there! Yes, HRC do receive inpatient. I'm not really sure about the process but I guess you need a referral letter from the hospital (the hospital that he had been admitted before for the stroke).