Saturday, September 26, 2015

Backpacking to Sarawak

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and good morning. How are you guys doing? Hope you are doing fine there. Before I forget, Eid Mubarak for those who are celebrating.

So last week, I went for a backpacking to Sarawak with my ex-classmate when I was in MRSM Gerik, Fetty. We went there to visit our Geography teacher, Miss Karl. Guess what? We actually hadn't met with each other for 7 years! That was insane! So in order to make this trip successful we basically contacted through fb, whatsapp and email. Thank you for the technologies nowadays tho! :)

We actually went to Sibu and Kapit because we did not had a chance to travel across Sarawak due to time limit (since our trip were 4 days and 3 nights trip). We went there from 18th September 2015 - 21st September 2015. We managed to get quite cheap tickets for our flights. We took AirAsia and the cost for each person was RM280+ (return tickets). 

Day 1 (18/9/2015)

We departed from klia2 at 12:50 p.m and arrived Sibu around 2:50 p.m. We then took a taxi to Sibu town. We checked-in to our hotel, Perdana Inn (which was behind Arked MARA). It was a budget hotel which costed RM50 for one night stay (we took a room with two single beds). 

Most of the people in Sibu were Chinese but we hadn't found any difficulties to find halal foods here because Miss Karl (our teacher) had told us before where to find one. Later that evening we went to have our lunch at KFC nearby and started to take a look around. 

First pit stop was Sibu Heritage Centre. But it was late in the evening so by the time we arrived there, it was closed already. But never mind, we just took a picture here :)

Sibu Heritage Centre
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After that, we went to the night market. Mind you, this market was divided into 2; the halal one and non-halal. So you wouldn't have difficulty to find the halal food here :)

Night Market
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After wandering around at the night market, we continued to walk around the town.

Arked MARA
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One of the landmarks here in Sibu; the dolphin sculpture
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And last but not least, Sibu Gateway
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Day 2 (19/9/2015)

Next day, Miss Karl went to our hotel early in the morning. We went to have our breakfast at Arked MARA before we went off to Kapit by boat (don't worry, it was an express boat. You don't need to row it whatsoever).
And since we were in Sarawak, we tried the local food here; Mee Kampua. 

Mee Kampua (with soup) & a cup of hot tea.
Rating: 8/10!
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Basically the food here will be served with a bowl of soup like that. No matter what you've ordered. Like for example if you ordered fried rice, they will also serve a bowl of soup as a complementary dish (no extra charge). Even if you eat nasi campur!

With my ex-classmate; Fetty
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The boat that we went to ride on to Kapit
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The trip to Kapit basically was about 3 hours journey. We were off to Kapit at 9:30 a.m. But here's the interesting story of it..

When we bought our tickets (Miss Karl, Fetty and I), our seats were supposed to be 13D, 13E and 13F respectively. The seats were attached together at the back of the cabin. But when we came to our seats, they were occupied by a family of 5 (father, mother and 3 of their children). The only seats left were 13D (couldn't remember the exact seat) and 11C. Weird! Then the mother came to us and told that she wanted to swap one of the seats with us (her seat was supposef to be 11C). Okay. Then we told the management team about this but the problem wasn't being settled professionally. Later, Miss Karl asked me to sat at 11C and Fetty to sat at 13D. We had no idea where Miss Karl. After we arrived Kapit, then only we knew that Miss Karl sat on the stairs in front of the cabin. And she also told us about what exactly happened there (regarding our seats). It happened that the mother bought only one ticket for her 3 children because she didn't have enough money. So when she bought the ticket, she then decided to change the seat at the back of the cabin because the seats were attached together and more spacey. It really touched my heart because there were people out there that were not fortunate compared to us. The price for the ticket was RM30 (there were RM35. RM30 etc based on its classes). So if the mother had to pay for her 3 children, that makes RM90 in total. If including her and her husband? You do the math! That was only for one way ticket. 

We went to checked-in to our hotel; Star Inn Hotel. It was a new hotel, so the facilities provided were great! (except there's no free wifi)

After we had our lunch, we went to visit the traditional long house. It was actually a gamble for fus to go here. We didn't have any clue about it. We didn't know where is it. Even though Miss Karl is a Sarawakian but she hadn't been here before. But luckily we met two nice gentlemen, Abon and Larry on our way to go to the long house. Abon and Larry then invited us to go to their long houses. They also showed us around. Abon even showed us his school (he was 15 years old btw). Larry was 14 years old and he studied in MRSM Mukah (yeayy! Another MRSM students. Hahaha). Their families were so kind and nice, and they even invited us to spend a night there. 

A view of the long house here in Kapit
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Day 3 (20/9/2015)

Next morning, we packed our things and headed off to Sibu. Before we went off to Sibu, we took some pictures around the town.

At Kapit Town Square
You can find a rent van here to go to the villages etc.
We took a van from here to go to the long house.
Price for one trip : RM 2 (depends on how far your destination)
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Morning view of Rajang river
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After we arrived Sibu, we checked-in to our hotel; Royal Reagent Hotel. It was near the Premier Hotel. Later, we went to have our lunch and went to Wisma Sanyan. Wisma Sanyan was the tallest building in Sibu. Then, we went to watch a movie and went to the night market to have our dinner.

Day 4 (21/9/2015)

We went to the central market and bought some kek lapis to bring back home. After that, we went to have our breakfast there. I decided to give a try on Laksa Sarawak. Well, I'm sorry to say that it was not my cup of tea. I preferred Mee Kampua better. After we had our breakfast, it was time for us to say goodbye. Since Miss Karl had some works to do, we had to say goodbye early. Then, Fetty and I went to Sibu Heritage Centre to buy some souvenirs there. We headed to airport at 10:30 a.m. since we had a flight to catch on 1:00 p.m.

Laksa Sarawak
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I really enjoyed the trip. Big thanks to Fetty and Miss Karl for this trip! Hope to see you guys again soon! 
Till then.

Learn to travel. Travel to learn.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)