Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Morning ramble

So this morning my dad asked me to print a letter for him. It was basically one page of letter; no big deal about it. But when I opened the email from my dad I was very shocked because for god's sake..the letter was written in Excel file!! The fonts were jumbled up here and there, not justified, and urghhh.. I didn't blame my dad for it because it was his colleague who done it. My dad wasn't really happy when I told him about it. Then I told him that I could literally edit it (which in the other way round I had to write it all back by using Word because.. Let's be honest. Who on earth do write a letter by using this freaking Excel???)
To make things worst, I only have few minutes to write it back including the letter head etc (since my dad was rushing to go to his office today).
Alhamdulillah. In the end I managed to write the letter back in Word file and print it. Phew!! 
Forgive me but I just don't understand.. Why on earth you do that in the first place?? What were you thinking?? I just can't..

without wax, 
haniyahaya :( 

--> I have to do a sad face because this letter just ruined my mood this morning! So thank you!