Friday, June 26, 2015

Why oh why?

I'm currently in Orthopaedic posting and frankly speaking, I'm now lost in the middle of nowhere. I wished I could be in Hogwarts or Middle Earth or Narnia so that I could escape from it, but yeah.. I had chosen this path and whether I liked it or not, by hook or by crook I needed to deal with it.

It was not that I hated Ortho but it seemed that it was very hard for me to digest all those things. Mind you that I used to dream of being an orthopaedist when I was a little kid. Hahaha! (I wondered where it comes from. ER perhaps?) Plus, we only had two weeks and two days for this posting and I felt that my level of knowledge was waaaaaay below! 

I felt that there were so much to study and understand. Besides that, I haven’t mastered my physical examination yet. This was so frustrating! There was a point that I felt, why on earth that I took medicine in the first place? But when I looked back by intention.. I knew that I shouldn’t be acting like this. Allah! 

Well, I just hoped that I could survive this posting and pass my EOP exam which would be in the next two weeks. Ameen.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Of Radiology and EOP result

Alhamdulillah, I had just finished my Radiology posting. I truly enjoyed it. It was like you were in the middle of a maze and you had to think hard to solve and interpret all those images. Sounds cool isn't?

I guessed that these two weeks of Radio posting were the most hectic and busy week of this month. Who said that Year 4 is a relax year? No way! In your dream!

We even had a mock exam for Radio too yesterday. Well, I have done my very best.. So, I hoped that I could do better in the real EOP exam. InsyaAllah :)

Last Tuesday, we had just knew our result for our previous three rotations. For me, it was ENT/Ophthal/Forensic, Community Medicine and also Primary Care.

As for ENT, Ophthal and Forensic, I've already told you in my previous post right? It was just same as before.

As for the other two:

1) Community Medicine : A-
2) Primary Care : A-

Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. 

I've never thought of getting A- in Primary Care because was Primary Care for god sake! And I've never thought of the grade. Really. I was just hoping that I could pass the exam. That's all. 

That's all for today. I'll write more if I got a chance. 

p/s: Ramadhan Kareem to you! Have a blessed Ramadhan, and may Allah make easier for all of us to make a full use of the month of barakah. InsyaAllah.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Today was a very tiring day. This morning I went to the Orthopedic operation theater with Arina. Alhamdulillah we got a chance to see Combined Spinal and Epidural (CSE) case. We actually saw two ortho cases but the another one was under GA. Since we hadn't go through orthopaedic posting yet so I couldn't say much about the surgery. 
And this evening, we also had our case presentation (CP). My group presented a case on irreducible paraumbilical hernia and alhamdulillah our doctor was satisfied with it. I was very grateful that our seminar and CP were over. Now, the only thing left was the case write-up. Duh!

I planned to clerk a case tomorrow and tried to finish it up by tomorrow. Well I actually got a case last Monday but since I had presented the case on our BST, I should probably clerk another case. 

Oh yes! Last weekend, Athirah; my ex-roommate when I was in TGB got married! Mabrook to Athirah and zawj. I went to her wedding at Muar, Johor with Fateh and Aneeza. We decided to carpool as we loved our planet and we wanted to conserve resources like gas, clean air and energy by doing so! Hahaha. Basically this was the first wedding of my high school friend that I attended (well, my high school friends yang dah kahwin pun berapa kerat je pun. Boleh bilang dengan jari). I felt so excited plus she was my ex-roommate! We hadn't see each other for the past 5 years! I still remembered that the last time I saw her was the last day of SPM. Even when the day we went to get our SPM result I hadn't got a chance to see her. How bad is that?

with tgbians.
From left : Miti, Amalina Rusman, Aneeza, Athirah, Aisyah, Fateh & me

with tgbians and Athirah's friends who studied in Jordan

So again, mabrook Athirah and zawj for your marriage. May Allah bless you!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)