Saturday, May 2, 2015

Local students VS Overseas students

So recently there was news about students who studied local and abroad. The local student claimed that those who studied abroad had so much fun; had high allowance money and travelled here and there. Then the overseas student claimed about how grateful the students were because whenever they felt homesick, they can just simply go back home without thinking about the class, the flight tickets, etc. Not to mention that they could attend their siblings wedding ceremony and all the family gatherings.

This topic was a very hot topic. There were debates everywhere in the social media. Frankly speaking, both parties, of course, wanted to defend themselves. I didn't say that this party was right and that party was wrong. You see, it wasn't a big deal anyway. It was kinda funny when people were fighting about this. I thought that 'Ain't nobody got time that for that!' Man, I was wrong!

In my point of view who is a local student, I admitted that sometimes I got jealous of my friends who were studying abroad. New people, new places, different cultures and all that.. Especially looking at those pictures they had been uploading when they went for holidays in Facebook, Twitter or Instagam. Who doesn't want it? I had been dreaming to further my studies abroad ever since I was little but hey.. Look at me now. I'm here in my beloved country, Malaysia and currently struggling to finish my medical school. It didn't sound so pathetic or sad as far as I'm concerned. I didn't feel regret or ashamed of it because I knew that Allah had planned everything for me and He is the best Planner.

But yeah, it wasn't that bad. I believe that there were pro and cons in studying whether local or overseas. But the thing that does really matter is YOU! How did you do in your study?

Let's say if you studied here, how is your time management? What do you do during your free time? Are you busy hang out in the shopping mall with bunch of your friends? Are you busy line up to watch the latest movie? Are you busy cafe-hopping? Are you busy 'lepak' in mamak stalls? How do you spend your allowance? I know sometimes it feels like it is not unfair because our allowance here in Malaysia is not high compared to those who studied abroad. Plus, sometimes in our course (like me for example) we need to travel here and there. But actually if you do your budget, organize it properly, it wouldn't be so bad. I don't say that I'm good in managing my finances, but we need to start from now. It is never too late.

Regarding the financial, here's some tips for you:

1. Don't eat at the fancy restaurants, fast foods
I do have to admit that sometimes I do need to take fast foods because of the time. But if you reduce it, let's say you only take it once or twice a month, you will realize that you can spend a lot! Just ignore what your friends have posted in Instagram. Well, you are not going to die if you don't eat at the fancy restaurant! I do eat at the fancy restaurant, but only in certain occasions like celebrating our EOP exam. Just don't eat regularly.

2. Plan your budget.
Make a list of what you have spent and record it for the entire week. At the end of the month you will know what you should cut on, how much you have spent and how much you have saved.

3. Only buy the necessary things.
I know it's hard, especially for girls. The moment you scrolled the Instagram, you can see a lot of those instashop who made very great deals. Don't be easily being tricked. You should know your budget first. Then think again, is it really necessary for you to buy it? If you buy it, will your allowance be enough for you till the end of this month? Tbh I'm not a fan of online shopping thing. This is because I'm afraid of this scam people, and plus I don't even have an online banking! (Just recently sign up on on last March because I just need to! If not, I won't do it)

4. Start saving.
Ever since we are little, we are being taught of to have this saving habit. So, why don't you do it anymore? The more you get older, the more you need the money. Isn't that so? Start saving from now even though it is only a few cents. It's okay. By the end of the year, you will know how much that you have saved! And if you have a hobby that requires a lot of money like me (for example: travelling), start saving up from now on. If you feel jealous over your friends who study abroad who always go for vacation, why don't you try to do it too? Well, I know, a trip to the UK might cost you thousands, but travelling doesn't mean you have to go to a fancy country. You can start to travel within our country first. It isn't half bad. Have you been to Sabah and Sarawak? Have you been to all the beaches here in Malaysia? Come on!

So that's all that I can think about right now. I'm sorry for the grammatical errors and all. 

Till then.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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