Friday, April 17, 2015

Where is my car key?

Last Wednesday, I went to the psychiatric ward in HSB. The ward wasn't in the main hospital building but at PKKN. To make the long story short, after I had clerked the patient in the ward I quickly rushed to go to the main hospital as I was worried that I might be late for my BST (bed-side teaching).

Suddenly when I wanted to unlock my car, I realized that my car key was gone! I was 100% sure that I had locked my car and put the key into my lab coat pocket but when I was searching for wasn't there!

I was very worried because the car key had the car plate number on it and if people had found it, they could drive my car away easily! How bad was that?!

I went to the ward again and tried to look for it at there but I had found nothing. I tried to follow back the track that I used to walk to the ward but car key was nowhere to be found!

I tried to calm myself but my thoughts were racing about the classes, the tutorials that we needed to prepare, case write up, arranging the BST session with the specialist and last but not least my lost car key! I felt so exhausted!

After the BST session ended I went again to look up for my car key but the search went nothing. I went to meet the security guard there to ask her if she had found my car key or someone else who found it and gave it to her but!

Since we had class in HTAR that evening, I was thinking on how would we going back? Arina did not drive because this week was supposed to be my turn (we were car-pooling btw). We then decided to take a taxi to Shah Alam so that Arina could drive us to HTAR. Alhamdulillah, we then met our 2 of our classmates who were in Radiology postings and they were very kind to give us a ride to Shah Alam since they were going to have class in MSU later that evening. We were very relieved. Pheww! Well at least we hadn't need to spend our money on taxi!

Later after the class at HTAR ended, I went to HSB to pick up my car with my dad using the spare key which he took it in Bangi. I was kinda afraid my dad would be angry at me. First, the accident. Now, the car key had lost. What's next?

The next day, I received a call from that security guard. She told me that my car key was finally found. She didn't tell me the details how she had found it but she asked to come to HSB on the next Monday (since she would be leaving to go back to her hometown).


Well, I felt so down because of what happened. The accident and this things came out. I hoped that there would never be the next one. Naudzubillah.

Big thanks to Arina and Faqir who had helped me all the way in the mission of SAR of my car key. May Allah bless! :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :) 

p/s: Please forgive my grammar and the whole structure of my post. I just finished my CWU (tulah buat last minute lagi!) and my mind wasn't that good enough to write a very lengthy essay.

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