Wednesday, April 1, 2015

EOP : Primary Care

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and good evening.

Actually I wanted to write this ever since I had finished the exam last two weeks, but I hadn't got a chance and time to do it. (Let's just say that I'm too lazy to write about it) *Sigh*

So I had just finished my Primary Care posting. Honestly, this posting was my favourite so far for this year! I learnt lots of things from this posting; starting from the proper history taking, to consultation and even breaking the bad news. They were so cool! I mean, it wasn't that we hadn't learnt how to take proper history before in our 3rd year but then it was just filling the form, just asked the patients without knowing what important questions to be asked in order to reach the diagnosis and ruled out the differential diagnosis.

So basically for this exam, we had 2 OSCE stations. For OSCE 1, we were asked to clerk the history. It was a follow-up case of Bronchial Asthma and also Allergic Rhinitis. But the allergic rhinitis didn't even cross my mind! Of course I had asked him about his history but then I thought it was URTI! Hmphhh..

As for OSCE 2, we had a Pap Smear station where we needed to perform it on the mannequin. Although I hadn't done as much as I expected it to be but I hoped I passed the exam. I didn't want to repeat this posting! 


Last week, we got to know our result for our first rotation for this year. I managed to get:

Forensic Medicine : A-
Ophthalmology : A-

I was like.. B? But I guessed I truly deserved it. I cannot answer much about the frequency and all that. In the other hand, Alhamdulillah.. I was glad I had passed those three postings :) 

So that's all from me. Till we meet again!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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