Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I love to travel. Ever since I was a kid, I had a soft spot in maps. I used to memorized all the countries and their capitals because I wished to travel around the world. Plus I had read a story where there was this man who traveled all alone by himself across the globe. Cool isn't? 
I have even had my wishlist; my travel list. But the thing is that to travel is not that easy. It needs a good plan. You need to think about the flight tickets, accommodation, expenses and many more. And the most important thing: you need to have a good buddy or travel partner if you wish to travel with your friends. 
Make sure that your friends understand you and vice versa. If not you will not enjoy your trip. There's a saying that stated, "If you want to know your friends better, go travel with him/her." 
I am definitely agree to that statement. True! You will learn a lot about you friends' true colours. What does he/she like, how will they cope if something bad happens (for example if you're lost in the middle of nowhere) and many more. 
But yeah, to travel requires a lot of things to be done. I don't like it when some of people who don't really put their efforts in a way to make your trip happens. They just bragged about it but in the end, there was nothing happen. It was really sad you know. But yeah, you have planned for it but Allah is the Best Planner. 
Okay this is a very random post of mine. Never mind. 

without wax, 
haniyahaya :)

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