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End of Posting (EOP) Exam : Rotation 1

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  
Alhamdulillah. I had finished my EOP exam for this rotation yesterday. My exam started on Tuesday and ended on Friday. Tbh it was a really exhausting week for me. I had 3 subjects that I needed to study; Ophtalmology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and also Forensic Medicine. For both ENT and Ophthal, we had our EOP Clinical Exam whereas for Forensic Medicine we had our Viva! Not too forget that we also had our MCQs and OSCE for those subjects too! 

So let's started with Forensic first. I loved Forensic but viva? How it was going to be? Seriously I didn't have any clue for it since our batch were the first one who got to repeat this subject in Year 4. (We actually had studied it before when we were in Year 2 but due to some changes of the new curriculum, we have to repeat it back in Year 4). For the forensic viva, it was okay. I didn't know. I managed to spot the diagnosis correctly but I forgot the examples of anti-cholinergic drugs when the examiner asked me. (lame right?) That was the only question that I couldn't answer. But alhamdulillah the rest was okay. I got a case on anti-cholinergic poisoning and I needed to discuss about the diagnosis, antidote and also management for the case. 

For Ophthalmology EOP Clinical Exam, I was very worried. I didn't have enough chance to practice plus I hardly appreciate all those findings through direct ophthalmoscope. Blame me for being such a reckless student but among those three subjects, Ophthalmology was the one that I feared the most. In the afternoon before the exam had started, I could felt palpitations. My heart beats were very fast and I even lost count to that. But alhamdulillah it went well despite of my poor technique (sigh). The examiner asked me to do visual field test and I did it. But it wasn't like what I expected. The examiner was very kind enough to give me a second chance to do the test again and finally I got the finding. It was actually a case on bitemporal hemianopia (even though the patient wasn't a real patient--just a dummy). The discussion went well. The examiner told me that my discussion was good but my technique was poor. Ahhh! I didn't know what should I feel but I was very relieved as soon as the exam ended. At least half of my burden had gone away. I just hope that I could pass the exam. Pretty please? :) 

Last but not least, ENT EOP Clinical Exam. I got a case on left ear loss of hearing so that the examiner asked me to do the hearing test. I did the Rinne's and Weber's test respectively. I had a correct diagnosis but I missed it in my writting. The right answer should be : Left ear conductive hearing loss. But I just wrote : Conductive hearing loss. Ahhh :( then the examiner asked me about the frequency of normal ear can hear, the frequency of sound produce by human which both of them I wrongly answered! She then asked me to tell the part of tuning fork which I managed to answer 2/3 correct. Hahaha. Well I didn't expect that I would be questioned with such questions! But luckily I managed to answer the causes, investigations and management of this case correctly. 

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It was true that I just only wanted to pass this exam but at some point I do want good grades. You see, last week we had received our Year 3 result. As for me, I got 3 honours and 1 pass. I felt somehow quite inferior among my friends because I didn't get all honours or even distinction. I knew that I should be grateful because I didn't have to repeat the exam or whatsoever. But still.. Ah! It somehow quite depressing because in this rats race of this medical world, people will only look for the best. But then I came across with this one blog which belonged to a doctor. She wrote there that as a medical student, you have to study but please do it sincerely because of Allah, because you want to help and treat people, not only just to pass the exam. Many of those medical students managed to pass their exams with flying colours but only few of them really did well in their housemanship training. Why? One of it is because of their lack of knowledge and skills. Those specialists and MOs didn't expect you to be like walking Davidson's (a thick medical textbook) but they expected you to know the basic things and what to do if this and that kind of situations happen. The moment I read the blog, I felt like a slap on my face! There you go! But I take it as a booster for myself to do better. I need to study hard and I pray that I could remember all those things that I've learnt so that it will be easier for me in the future. 

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It is not the grade that matters but how much things that you could remember and applied it when all those circumstances happen right in front of you. 

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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