Sunday, October 26, 2014

SPP Phase I by Mercy Malaysia

Last week, I got a chance to be a volunteer for School Preparedness Programme (SPP) Phase I by Mercy Malaysia at SKJT Sg Renggam, Seksyen 18, Shah Alam. Frankly speaking, I was reluctant to be a volunteer at the first place. Well, after I entered my fourth year of medical school, I knew that it wasn't like before. It was extremely hectic; not a honeymoon year I must say. 
So at the very last minute, I changed my mind. I said to myself, why not I just give it a try? We'll see how it go. To make it short, I was listed to be a volunteer at the primary school. Wow! This was something new because previously I'd been to secondary school for SPP Phase II. Plus, it was SKJT. I'd never been to such school before. I wasn't saying that I was being a racist but that's the truth. For all my life I'd never been there before. So, it was a new experience for me.

Nevertheless, it turned out not like what I'd expected to be. The students were very energetic, smart and full of enthusiasm along the programme. They were not shy. They participated and volunteered during the programme though the programme was for one whole day- morning till evening. I was very amazed by that. Besides that, we were treated like VIPs by the teachers and also the students. Not to forget their token of gratitude towards us :)

The teachers, students and volunteers
Source : haniyahaya's 

I'm so blessed to be part of this programme. It was never came across to my mind to join this kind of programme. It was an enjoyable experience for me that I could never forget. Kudos to all the teachers, students and also volunteers. Till we meet again next time :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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