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I love reading

I love reading. Who doesn't love reading? Reading is like an escape for me. All these while you live in a hectic life so reading is the only time for you to escape for awhile from all those things that had occupied you. 

I started reading since I was 4 years old (I guessed so. I knew how to read some time before that, but it was just at the age of 4 I was into the habit of reading). My parents were the major influence of why I loved to read. When I was a little kid, my mom would tell me stories or read me some story books before I went to the bed. Later I could read by own so I started reading by myself before I went to sleep. No more story telling before sleep. At that time I loved colourful story books. I still remembered when my 6th birthday, my mother gave me a lot of story books as my birthday present. I guessed there were about 20 books. Heaven! :) 

As I grew up, my mother then introduced me to some heavy reading materials. My mother introduced me to cerpen (shirt-stories in Malay) and also light Malay novels. I remembered that my parents never failed to bring me to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) every time there were book fairs at there. My mother even showed me on how to choose a good book (read : short stories and novels).

Since my mother loved the veteran authors like Fatimah Busu, Khadijah Hashim and Othman Puteh (just to name a few), so that gene was passed to me as well. According to my mother, in a way to find a good book, look at the author and also the year of the book was published. If the books was published around 1990-1999, then we could buy that book. At that time I was only 6 and I followed her instructions without any doubt. For the romance novels, there were all forbidden to me! And now I really thanked my mother for introducing me to all those veterans authors. Call me skema or old-fashioned or anything but for me, I never read Malay love story novels! I rather read our Antalogi Cerpen dan Puisi when we were in Form 1-5 rather than reading those lovey-dovey novels. 

So my mom was my biggest influence of reading Malay materials. She even had subscribed for me Arus Sains, a science-based magazine in Malay. At the age of 9, I could even cry when read those sad short stories or novels. Basically it was all because of my mom's influence :)

Then at the age of 9 too, there was a change in my life. Since I had moved to Bangi, I'd been surrounded by brilliant and clever kids. Not to mention their English were very good. At that time, all my girlfriends were in loved with Mary Kate and Ashley's series. I then challenged myself, why not I gave it a try? Well reading English novel wasn't that half bad was it? Before this I only read English story books but this time, I tried to make a difference. 

So then I became a big fan of Mary Kate and Ashley. The Adventure of Mary Kate and Ashley, Two of A Kind, Sweet 16, So Little Time.. you named it! I even tried to cut my hair just like them. Hahaha.

I found this at BookXcess. Well look at the price! *smirk*
Source : haniyahaya's

I then moved to Sweet Valley Jr High as my friend, Raihan had introduced me. And trust me, those books were great! I also started to read The Famous Five and Nancy Drew series. I always spent my recess time at the library, reading books. I even could admitted that  I had finished reading all those books in my school library at that time :)
And yeah, here's the catch, I never bought English novels. What I did was- I borrowed them from my friends. And I was very happy to received a 'Mary Kate & Ashley : Two of A Kind' book as my 11th birthday gift from my friend. ( Too bad I still couldn't find that book though)

When I was in secondary school, I had entered a boarding school. So my whole life as a high school student was at the boarding school. At that time, I still remembered that during English period, we sometime had a programme called reading programme. Our English teacher would gave us one story book for each of us so that we could read for the whole week. Those books had their own level. Level 3, 4, 5 and 6. The first book that I received was 'Men in Black' and it was a level 3 book. I had completed reading it within an hour! Then I decided to read some of friends book which were level 5-6. That was when I knew John Grisham. There was a book written by John Grisham which had been simplified. I really enjoyed reading it.

During our prep hours in the afternoon, I always went to the library. Even though we had our extra class, I always managed to sneak into the library. I became one of the members who loved reading the old books which hadn't been read for almost 10 years. I still remembered there was a time I wanted to borrow a Malay book. That books was ugly and full of dust. 
The librarian looked up at me and asked me,
"Are you serious that you want to borrow this book? This book is old. I mean, look at this. The last person who even borrowed it was 10 years ago."

I replied to him with a sarcasm note, "Yes. Why? Is it a crime if I borrow the old book?"

Well, he was my junior so he couldn't talked much about it. Senior ruled right? 

Even at TGB, I still continued that habit. I didn't know. I just loved to spend my prep hours at the library. It gave me peace and calmness. Besides it was a nice place for you to take a nap :)

When I was in secondary school too, I started reading much heavier reading materials like Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Meg Cabot's novels and many more. Mostly were young adults, chic-lit kind of books. Big thanks to all my friends who were very kind enough to give me permission to borrow their books. I then started to grow interest in mystery and adventure kind of books like John Grisham's, Sherlock Holmes and etc. I just loved all those goosebumps that I had when reading those kind of story lines. I guessed it must probably because of the hormones. You know those changing period to adolescence. You started to find your own track, you started to find yourself. So I guessed my reading materials also jumbled up like my hormones. 

Now, I kinda liked romance novels. But please bear in mind that I only read English romance novels. People might said that I am biased, but I just couldn't stand reading all those mushy Malay novels. Don't get me wrong. I still read Malay novels, but like I said before.. I'm very particular and choosy enough when it comes to books. That's why I prefer to go alone when I'm shopping ( Never mind. I hardly go for shopping, meh) or going to bookstores. It takes me like ages to choose something that I like!

I actually have a dream. Since I was a little kid, I'd been dreaming to have my own library. And now coming to think of that, I've been dreaming to have my own book cafe; a library with a cafe together. So people can enjoy their sweet time reading their favourite books while sipping a cup of tea or coffee. Yummy! (^__^)

So that's my story of how I grow up and love reading. How about yours? Don't you mind to share it with me? :)

Last but not least, let me take a bookshelfie! :D

Here's some of my collection. 

Regarding the book shelf:
1. (Top Left and Right) - All English novels
2. (Left) - All my medical books
    (Right) - All Malay novels
3. (Left) - Medical books + School Year Books
   (Right) - My medical notes & All the notes when I went to halaqa(usrah)/conventions/course (eg: Twins of Faith/K-Fiqh)
4. (Bottom Left and Right) - All my printed medical notes from Year 1-2

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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