Thursday, September 11, 2014

#5books7days challenge! -Part 2

If you haven't read about this #5books7days challenge, I guess it's better for you to do so as I have mentioned it before in my previous post. 
So now, I'm going to give you my book reviews for this challenge.

So here it goes..


Source : instagram of @haniyahaya

Title/Author : Starter for Ten/ David Nicholls
The reason I bought this book at the first place is because I just loved how the writer put trivias and answers for each new chapters in this book. It is really cool for me since I really love trivias. Basically the story isn't half bad. I just realised that they already made it into a movie. Brian Jackson was potrayed by James McAvoy and Patrick Watts was potrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. I need to watch the movie soon. I just can't imagine nerdy Benedict as the captain of the Challenge team.
Rating : 3/5

Title/Author : Theodore Boone The Accused/ John Grisham
I'm a big fan of John Grisham's works.This book is great. It is so action packed and full of excitement. It is the third book in the Theodore Boone series. (I haven't read the previous two books-gotta find them!) There are lots of cliffhangers after every chapter, so it just makes you want to read more. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, and anticipation/excitement. 
Rating : 4/5

Title/Author : A Girl Walks Into a Wedding: Your Fantasy, Your Rule/ Helena S. Paige
It's written in 2nd-person and it's the second time I read this kind of book. It's a choose-your-own adventure style book. So, it is up to you to choose how's your story going to be like. And trust me, it's a very quick read - I even read through several different scenarios! 
Rating : 2/5

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