Thursday, September 11, 2014

#5books7days challenge! -Part 1

So a week before my EOP Theory exam, I was busy scrolling down the Instagram. Ahem! I knew I shouldn't do that but I just can't resist the temptation of Instagram. It wasn't because of the online shop in the Instagram.. (Believe me, I never shopped via online in my entire life!) But.. It was due to these whole Instagram's accounts that I'd been following recently. 

Recently I just figured out some good accounts that were all about books. It was really amazing you know for a bibliophile! Heck I didn't study much during my study week but I was busy planning what book should I read next after I finished the exam -.- (yeah kill me now!)

And then, I came across with this #5books7days challenge. What you have to do in this challenge is that, you need to read 5 books within a week (7 days). It's like a readathon (or some sort of like that I guess). I found it really amusing as I haven't read story books that much for ages! (Those stories on Wattpad didn't count ey?) Plus, since I'd nothing to do for this break, I guessesd it was good for me to cultivate back my reading habit. I found out that my reading pace had been slower than before. 

For example; before this, it only takes me about 2-3 days to finish up one novel but currently I need 1-2 week to finish up a novel. Sometimes I even get bored to it and decide not to read it anymore. Pretty bad huh? 

So how about you? Don't you dare to take up this challenge?

Source : instagram of @haniyahaya

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