Tuesday, August 5, 2014


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Have you ever feel that you have a crush on somebody?
You feel that even though you don't really know much about that person, but you know that you are meant together with him.
You believe that the fate has set on both of you.
He's the one for you.
You think that he is attractive,
You could tell that he is nice,
The butterflies in you are so active,
That you can't even think twice.

Well then, I might have exagerrated a lil' bit. Hahaha. Currently I am under the influenced of romance novels. Yeah. 

And the crush I meant just now?
I have so many crushes on the heroes from the novels that I have read. Booyah!
Blame me for overly attached to all those romance novels. Frankly speaking, I'm hopeless and helpless in term of being romantic. 
But now, after reading all those novels.. Gosh, I feel like I have set my heart on these male characters :)

Who's fault? Wattpad of course! *sigh*  -__________-

I know that I shouldn't behave like this. It's like a 16 year-old girl who was very flattered, her heart jumped with joy and wanted to scream her lungs out after seeing his crush walking across her and said "hi."
But trust me, I don't have any real crush in this world. Except if you count Orlando Bloom and Ben Barnes as my crushes ( just kidding!). Well, I am a drama queen.. ^__^v

Orlando Bloom

Ben Barnes
Silly me -.-

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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