Saturday, August 9, 2014

Abah's story

Walking along the hall, the scent of hospital pavement.. Ah, how could I forget.

It's been almost 10 years since I've been here. But this time it wasn't same as before.

10 years ago

I still remembered when it happened. It was Ramadhan. Few days before Ramadhan, Abah had complaint that he had fever, headche and felt extremely fatigue. We never thought anything serious. Ibu thought that he might suffered from dengue and decided they should go to the clinic then. 

On 4th of Ramadhan, when we were having our suhoor, Abah looked very tired and his headache had became severe. He couldn't walked properly. Ibu then decided to accompanied Abah to the clinic after suhoor.

At the clinic, the doctor said that he might have to refer Abah to HUKM since he couldn't find what's wrong with Abah. It was definitely not dengue or any other else. Ibu then drove Abah to HUKM.

The moment they arrived in front of the hospital, Abah suddenly collapsed. Since Ibu was small in size, she couldn't bear with Abah's weight very much.

While waiting for the doctors to come over and have a look what's wrong, Abah then threw a fit! Ibu was completely shocked.

Long story short, Abah then was sent for CT Scan. The doctor said that abah had a brain abscess on his left brain and needed to undergo surgery ASAP. Ibu broke into tears. 

At that time, I just went back from religious school (sekolah agama). I was completely mad because my parents hadn't come back yet and we didn't have food for our iftar. I immediately called Ibu and within seconds, she answered the phone. The moment when she told me about Abah's condition, I was blown away. At the age of 11 years old, this was too much for me. It was such a huge burden and I didn't think that I could bear it alone. But being the eldest one in my family I needed to stay strong in front of my brothers. I hated it when people saw me as a crybaby. 

During the Ramadhan, my aunt (Ibu's youngest sister) came over and took care of my siblings and I. Ibu never came back to our home because she was busy to take care of Abah since he had became hemiplegic (paralysed the whole upper and lower limbs of the right side of his body). I was very glad that Abah didn't loss his memory. 

That year, I got a first place in my class and became the best student in my batch while my 7 year-old brother got second. Our parents couldn't come to the ceremony to watch their children received their awards. I still remembered that I had to asked one of my friend's father to take a photo of me while received those awards. 

After 1st of Syawal, Abah was discharged but he still couldn't walk properly. He needed to use a wheelchair. And I remembered that I needed to help him up when he wanted to take wudhu'. That was the first time in my entire life that I needed to help someone to take wudhu'.

Now Alhamdulillah, Abah is going back to normal. He can write, walk, run, jog and drive like before. He still needs to take his medications tho, but this was the experience that I could never forget in whole entire life. 

(I decided to write this story because I went to visit my best friend's little sister who suffered from medulloblastoma and currently in HUKM. Please make du'a and pray for her. Jazakumullahu khair. May Allah bless you!)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

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