Friday, July 11, 2014

Random thoughts #1

It's been almost 5 years since I started to write in this blog. I still remembered that I started to write in early 2009 because I have nothing much to do after PMR was over. When I first say my friend, Hilda wrote on her blog, it inspired me to sign up one. 

Not many of people knew that I loved to write (or ramble?). I love reading as well as writing. I once had been dreaming to become a writer one day. Hahaha. 

When I was a kid, I used to write short stories in my exercise books. I also used to draw comics which I found it was kinda funny when I thought about that again. 

Then when blogs became popular, I started to sign up for it and write everything that I want to tell. If you had noticed, I started to write in Malay, then because of SPM, I started to write in English because I want to improve my writing skill ( though no one will be ever give marks for me for what I've been writing ). Then after SPM was over, I started to write in Malay back. And now, I mixed my writing with English and Malay. It seemed like I didn't have a firm stand whether to write in English or Malay, right? Well let's just say it that I just followed the flow. (typical answer)

I still remembered when I was in boarding school, I loved to pour all my feelings into this blog. I tried to sneak into the library and went online even though only for a short time just because I want to keep posting in this blog. Basically my ramblings were due to school, homework, exams and etc. I even rushed to the library right after the Isya' prayer because I wanted to make sure that I got a PC to online and keep blogging. That was when writing became one of my passions.

After SPM was over, I also wrote a story (or can I called it a novel? heh). The title was 'Sahabat selamanya' (I know it is lame! but I couldn't find a right title for it. It was literally translated from friends forever. Well lame. yeah I know)
For those people who have been following me long enough (err..-___-), you probably had read it before. Then I stopped published it in my blog due to some reasons. The major problem is I was very lazy to type it since the masterpiece (HAHA!) was actually hand-written. (Well how cool is that?) I wanted to continue posting it but... I was such a lazy bum. (hands down)

Well I think I'm better off now. So much for my rambling today.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

p/s: One of the major problems that I faced when I wanted to write in English is I do lots and lots of grammatical error and lack of vocabulary. So I'm so sorry if there are lots of grammatical errors ( Hello there Grammar Nazi!) and my posts are lame because they are not catching your eyes or hearts.


Eikin's said...

Assalamualaikum sis . I just wanna ask u about msu . I read about your blog about you're being msu students.
I applied bachelor of optometry at msu , using my spm results . I used to be a foundation student at UITM Puncak Alam . But sy apply guna result spm shaja. Do they accept my application ? Or I need to enter msu foundation studies first ? Pls rep . Thanks sis :)

Aimi Syahirah said...

Nah, your English is good.

Keep on writing ~ ramadhan kareem :)