Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Iftar with the girls :)

After I arrived home from the programme-GPS Ramadhan, I quickly rushed to the bathroom since I have promised to break the fast with my ex-Gerik friends. Well, I felt so excited since this was the time that we can gather after so long we hadn't meet each other.

We decided to meet up at Teh Tarik Place at Nu Sentral. There were Asilah, Saz, Hilda, Khaira, Pipah, Nana, Ma and Fatin. We hung out for about 4 hours but we never realized that the time had passed by.. Seriously, after a long time, it was really good to catch up with your friends. Reminiscing the old days back then when we were in MRSM. Gosh, I really missed those moments. 

Back when we were in MRSM Gerik, we were very close I must say. We used to go to prep together, eat together, sit in the same spot in surau together, stay up late at night and have pillow talk together and the list went on and on. Those memories were never failed to make me smile. I had such amazing memories in Gerik and you guys were those who made my life at there colourful. Through ups and downs, you were there for me. Thank you so much!

From left: Fatin, me, Nana, Khaira, Ma, Pipah, Hil, Saz & Asilah

Not in the picture : Pipah

Us :)

though it was a short gathering, but it was fun! ^__^

It was really great to meet you guys! Though Han, Alin and Ben weren't there to join us.. Hopefully we can meet again next time- but with complete team of us! InsyaAllah. Till we meet again!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

GPS Ramadhan

Last weekend, I joined a community service programme which was organized by my faculty, International Medical School (IMS). The program was called GPS Ramadhan. It was held at Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. At first, I was kinda refused to join this programme because it was held in Ramadhan. Dude, it's Ramadhan we're talking about. I'm going to flat at the end of the day because of extreme exhaustion, dehydration and many more to come (such a drama queen Hani!). But i told myself, well it wasn't half bad either. Why don't I give it a try. It would be a good experience for me since I hadn't join a community service which was held in Ramadhan. 

Basically this two days and one night program was about to help and serve the community in Seri Menanti. We departed from MSU at 8 a.m. and arrived about 10.30 a.m. After a short brief, we started our program with 'gotong-royong'. Since we had been divided into smaller groups, my group had been in charge to clean the area of the shop lot. But what happened was, we ended up cleaning Uncle Md Yasin's house. It was fine with us since Uncle Md Yasin was a very kind man. He even helped us too! We were being informed that his mother-in-law currently was sick and she hadn't be able to move around since 9 years ago. She was 86 years old and currently lived with his youngest child (which was Uncle Md Yasin's brother-in-law). Their houses were opposite to each other. After the 'gotong-royong', we then got a chance to pluck buah kundang (a.k.a buah setar/plum mango). Buah kundang is somehow like a mango, but it is much smaller than mango. We had to use a long stick which was tied with a plastic bottle at one end of it to pluck the fruits. (it seemed like galah but it doesn't have a sharp blade at one of the end of the stick)

Jojo was trying to pluck the fruits :)
After that, we continued to help some of friends to clear up the bushes at one of the old house. There was no one lived in that house. We were told that the house had been left for years because the owner had moved to somewhere else, but Uncle Md Yasin had asked permission from the owner for us to clean his house. It was tiring because it has been like ages since the last time I did this kind of thing. Dah lama tak menebas semak! Aging process. I have to accept the fact that I'm old now. Hehehe :)

In the evening, after the ice breaking, my friends and I decided to go to Istana Seri Menanti. It is also known as Istana Lama Seri Menanti. It is now open to public and become a museum. A very must-visit-place if go  for a holiday in Negeri Sembilan! It wasn't that far so we just walked there. It was a great experience. We could see such a nice view from the top of the museum and learnt a lot of history. Gggaaahhh!! It was almost 4 years since SPM was over. But somehow it was really nice to recall back the history that you'd learnt in high school. See how much your brain still remember all the facts!

on our way to go to Istana Seri Menanti :)

From right : FA, Aina and me inside the palace. 

Aina and me in front of the palace :)
At night, after the teraweeh prayer, we ate moreh. The mee and apam balik were so delicious! Seriously! Hahaha. Then, we had discussion for tomorrow's activity. For my group, our task was medical check-up for paediatrics which was basically for primary school student. I loved it since Paediatrics was one of my favourite postings (so far). 

The next morning, during the medical check-up, Dr Raihan came by. I never met her before. Later that I knew, she taught Physiology in IMS, but before this, she was a MO in Paediatrics department in Hospital Sungai Buloh. How cool was it?! She taught us many things and I felt so happy because we learnt a lot from her. Thank you so much Dr Raihan! :)

After the closing ceremony, we went back home at 2.00 pm and safely arrived at MSU at 3.50 p.m. It was an enjoyable experience for me. I'm looking forward for the next program. InsyaAllah :)

After the closing ceremony with Mdm Sofia,
 my mentor during our foundation
From right: FA, Oni, Mdm Sofia, Syira, me, Nina, Jiha, Aina & Jojie

From right : Syira, Shatiya, Dr Thanda Oo (Radiologist), Jiha, Oni,
Dr Myo (O&G specialist), Jojie, me and Aina

Goodbye Seri Menanti! Till we meet again! :D

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Random thoughts #1

It's been almost 5 years since I started to write in this blog. I still remembered that I started to write in early 2009 because I have nothing much to do after PMR was over. When I first say my friend, Hilda wrote on her blog, it inspired me to sign up one. 

Not many of people knew that I loved to write (or ramble?). I love reading as well as writing. I once had been dreaming to become a writer one day. Hahaha. 

When I was a kid, I used to write short stories in my exercise books. I also used to draw comics which I found it was kinda funny when I thought about that again. 

Then when blogs became popular, I started to sign up for it and write everything that I want to tell. If you had noticed, I started to write in Malay, then because of SPM, I started to write in English because I want to improve my writing skill ( though no one will be ever give marks for me for what I've been writing ). Then after SPM was over, I started to write in Malay back. And now, I mixed my writing with English and Malay. It seemed like I didn't have a firm stand whether to write in English or Malay, right? Well let's just say it that I just followed the flow. (typical answer)

I still remembered when I was in boarding school, I loved to pour all my feelings into this blog. I tried to sneak into the library and went online even though only for a short time just because I want to keep posting in this blog. Basically my ramblings were due to school, homework, exams and etc. I even rushed to the library right after the Isya' prayer because I wanted to make sure that I got a PC to online and keep blogging. That was when writing became one of my passions.

After SPM was over, I also wrote a story (or can I called it a novel? heh). The title was 'Sahabat selamanya' (I know it is lame! but I couldn't find a right title for it. It was literally translated from friends forever. Well lame. yeah I know)
For those people who have been following me long enough (err..-___-), you probably had read it before. Then I stopped published it in my blog due to some reasons. The major problem is I was very lazy to type it since the masterpiece (HAHA!) was actually hand-written. (Well how cool is that?) I wanted to continue posting it but... I was such a lazy bum. (hands down)

Well I think I'm better off now. So much for my rambling today.

without wax,
haniyahaya :)

p/s: One of the major problems that I faced when I wanted to write in English is I do lots and lots of grammatical error and lack of vocabulary. So I'm so sorry if there are lots of grammatical errors ( Hello there Grammar Nazi!) and my posts are lame because they are not catching your eyes or hearts.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SPP Phase 2 by Mercy Malaysia

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Last week, I've got a chance to join a program under MERCY Malaysia which was called School Preparedness Program (SPP) Phase 2. The program was held at SMK Canossa Convent, Melaka. This was my first time to join this kind of a program; to be a volunteer and also a facilitator. Frankly speaking, I love to be a volunteer. You will gain a lot of experiences which you could never get in the class. 

Basically this program was the continuation of the SPP Phase 1. Since I'd never join the previous program, I couldn't say much about it. But for the second phase, this program really rocks! It was awesome and I've never been into such program before. SPP Phase 2 more or less is actually to make the students to recall back, what have they learned before this. In this program, I've got to be a facilitator. My job was to be at one of the check point during DRR Race and also to guide my group members along the activity. It was fun. Seriously. Even though this program was held only for a day, (half day to be precise) but I enjoyed it very much. I really hope that I can join again this kind of program next time. InsyaAllah.

with the student and facilitators

The school was near the beach. After the program ended,
 we went to the beach to enjoy the breath-taking scenery. 

After that, we went to have our lunch. We went to Row Six Restaurant. What could I say more.. the food were delicious! (Plus, I didn't have to pay for it!)

Pulut Mangga

Mango sago with cream.
Trust me, this one was superb! :D

Left (Mine) :  Massama seafood with rice and satay.
The satay were awesome!
Right ( Kak Su's) : Tom Yam with rice and satay.
The tom yam was good!

Cockle in Thai Sauce


Many people asked me how can I join this kind of program? Well, basically I print out the volunteer form in MERCY Malaysia and submit it. There you go. As simple as that! After send in the form, ( Make sure you post it!) you'll be called to join the program (depends on what program I guess). So, what are you waiting for? Register now!

without wax,
haniyahaya :)