Friday, February 28, 2014

Indescribable feeling

Last two weeks, when I was looking through the patients' files to search for my case, my eyes immediately caught on this one patient. Well, let's call him Mr.X.

Mr X looked very tachypnoeic. I could see that he had respiratory distress since he wore a face mask. He also looked very cachexic and so thin. I kept asking to myself, what kind of disease that he had suffered from? I wanted to clerk him but I couldn't. I felt sorry for him. I immediately searched for his files.

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Voila! There you go. When I first opened the files, I was very shocked to see what had been written in there.

RVD positive.

You must be kidding me!

Like man, is this for real?

When I read more about this patient, my heart sank. 

He actually came to the ward because he had shortness of breath for a long time. I guessed it had been for months. Sorry I couldn't recall much. He also claimed that he had loss of weight about 12 kg for the past 3 months. He had not got any blood transfusions recently, not an IVDU, not sexually active- well this guy hadn't married yet! He was only a teacher, so he hadn't been exposed to any blood products or no history of contact with RVD patients before. It was kinda weird, how come he can get RVD? He was clean!

Then I noticed at the edge of the page of the file,

"Informed the patient regarding his condition. Get moral support from family members." --> More or less it was something like this.

I felt very sorry towards him. He had atypical pneumonia at that time so he couldn't take off his face mask. He was barely able to breathe without it. He only had a chance to take it off about 30 minutes to go to the toilet; to take a bath, make wudhu' and etc. He just lied on the bed and his movements were restricted.

To make it short, after few days, I hadn't seen him around the ward. I guessed he must be transferred to the other ward because I heard him said so when he was talking to the patient who was next to him that he was waiting to be transferred. I felt kinda regret because I hadn't got any chance to talk with him that much. The only conversation between us were I asked him who was the one who brought him here (hospital) and where did he work? It was his sibling that brought him to the hospital and he worked in Klang. 

That was it. The story just ended there. But then, yesterday when I was having bed-side teaching (BST), I saw him! He seemed healthy like nothing happened. I was kinda shocked. He looked happy. I could see his smile on his face. He also seemed that he put on weights. That was really good for him. Then I knew that he had an appointment that morning at OPD and went to the ward to settle up some things. I didn't know but I felt happy for him. Looking at his condition right now, it was hard for me to describe it. Hopefully he was getting better. The RVD result could be false-positive. But if it is positive, I hope that he will survive till the end. InsyaAllah.


"The joy of seeing the smile on your patients after treating them are priceless." 
-Dr Waleem, 2014

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haniyahaya :)


It was Sunday. The hospital wasn't packed as weekdays. It wasn't a full house with patients, HOs, MOs and specialists around. It was somehow quite calm and peaceful and it was kind of rare to have this kind of situation at this ward. The medicine ward to be specific.

I was on my way to find a case for my case write-up and also for case presentation as we're going to have bed-side teaching (BST) with our respective lecturers tomorrow. As I was walking around and looked through the files of the patients there, I noticed there were Indian couples, around 40 years old were arguing and fighting with each other. Their voices were so loud as they wanted to tell all the people in the ward that they were fighting. The real patient was the man and I believed his wife was the one who take good care of him while he was admitted. I actually could see that the man had fine tremors. We wondered, why this man was admitted? Then I knew that he was admitted due to chronic liver failure as my friend told me when she glanced through his file.

Then after they had arguing for some time, suddenly the man had fit. His wife was terribly shocked and immediately called the doctor. A houseman was there to check him before went out to call off the other doctors. Within seconds his bed was crowded with the MOs, HOs and nurses who were trying really hard to save the patient's life. Just imagine that! 

And to make things became more hectic, his wife was throwing tantrum. It drew the whole attention of the ward to her. -___- I only could sneaked through the curtains and below to know what's going on. I could see that the doctors were struggling very hard to save him. CPR was done. But I guessed he didn't show any response. Then the doctors decided to intubate him. After did these and that (which I barely knew since I couldn't observe the whole situation clearly), the patient was stable. He then was transferred to HDU (High Dependency Unit). His wife started to calm down. 

It was my first time to see this kind of situation. I felt that it was like the ER, House or Code Blue more or less (er..I exagerrated a lil bit huh? I was highly influenced by those dramas). The only difference that this one was real! 

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Moral of the story: Nothing is impossible and death is really near to us; whether we realize it or not. Somehow we always take things for granted. 

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haniyahaya :)