Saturday, January 5, 2013

Twins of Faith - A great start for 2013! :)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Alhamdulillah. Syukur kepada-Mu ya Allah.

Pejam celik-pejam celik, dah masuk 2013. Tak sangka. Cepat betul masa berlalu kan? Umur pun semakin meningkat, maknanya itu sudah hampir kepada kematian.

Alhamdulillah, sebagai menutup tirai 2012, saya berkesempatan join program Twins of Faith kat PICC, Putrajaya. Subhanallah. Seronok sangat! Serius best! ^^

For those who don't know what is the Twins of Faith; Twins of Faith (TOF) is actually a family event which has been organized by Mercy Mission. The event is also held in UK and Australia. It is actually an international conference which there will be lots of speakers across the globe will give talks. Amazing!

Actually dah lama dah plan nak pergi TOF ni. Alhamdulillah, Allah mudahkan juga urusan. Ramai international speakers yang datang, tapi Brother Yusha Evans tak dapat datang since ayah dia sakit masa on the way kat airport untuk datang ke Malaysia. Sedih juga dia tak datang sebab suka dengar cerita dia, especially cerita dia reverts to Islam. Subhanallah!

Picture speaks louder than words right? So, here you go!

Wrist bands

Rabbi zidni ilma, warzuqni fahma.
At the Marriage Corner :)

Sheikh Daood Butt's talk - Free, Single and Available

We have this kind of stigma, those who are going to be married only should attend this kind of course. Well actually, it is not true at all. It is knowledge. You can learn so many things by attending this kind of course although you didn't plan to get married (I mean, to get married dalam masa terdekat ni). 

The hall

Sheikh Omar Suleiman. I just couldn't believed it that he is here,
right in front of me. Before this, I only listen to his lecture in Quran Weekly.
Go and try listen to his lectures. I recommend you to listen to Superstars
series lecture

Bro. Omar Esa is performing on the stage. Subhanallah,
his voice is really good. 

 Cubizm by Bro. Mohammad Ali. His masterpiece was
beautiful mashaAllah! :)  

Sheikh Daood Butt is on the stage for 'Q&As session with Sisters'.
He's really funny. Oh ya! He got a new talent in the second day.
He was trying to imitate what Shazet had been doing - Beatbox

Dr Tawfique Chaudhury. He's the chairman of Mercy Mission.
He's also a medical doctor :)

Sheikh Abdurraheem Green. He's the founder of iERA and the
author of 'The man in the red underpants'.

Books that I've bought during the event. I just love books!

Sebenarnya ramai je lagi speakers and artists yang perform, tapi tak sempat amik gambar. Ada Omar Regan, Uncle Jawad, Bro. Aiman Evans @ Tommy Evans, Shinji Moriwaki, Muadz, Shazet. Omar Regan is a funny and hilarious comedian. Rasa sangat best sebab hiburan yang disajikan tak de lah yang bertentangan dengan syariah Islam.

Last but not least, the best part is the fund raising. I'd never seen such a fund raising like that before. Ramai sangat orang berpusu-pusu nak donate, as if like ada sale 100%. Siap ada yang donate gelang emas, rantai emas. Memang rasa seronok sangat tengok. Malam tu je, dapat kutip RM250000. Allahu akbar! :)

InsyaAllah, I hope that I can join the same event this year. For those who couldn't make it last year, you could attend this year. InsyaAllah. Let's start saving the money from now on! Eh :)

without wax,
haniyahaya :)


mun said... best je TOF nie.. hehe.miss u hani. tgk gambar pun cukuplaa. :)

haniyahaya said...

Memang best pun Mun!!
yeah! Miss you too! :D

Amira said...

Wooooo jeles jelessss maaa! Wuwuwuw. Hamboi korang korang seronok nyah be-re-union :p

aqu hanya seorang penulis said...

jealous :(