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A Trip to Beijing, China (part II)

So..continue my story.. for those who haven't read the entry entitled 'A trip to Beijing, you better do so..if not, you won't undestand what am I talking about..

Fourth Day (25/12/2010)- Yup! It was Christmas Eve and the roads were jammed.. Gosh! So, our first destination, Bird Nest Stadium & Water Cube.. then after took some pictures, we went to jewellery shop..ha! we met a Malaysian guy there but he was Chinese..but still okay since he taught us many things about Beijing, their peoples and their customs and etc.. After that we went to Dellman Store which sell knifes and kitchen utensils.. that night after

traffic congestion in Beijing..

at the street near the Bird Nest stadium..

China's police patrol car..

at Hard Rock Cafe..

Fifth day (26/12/2010)- After breakfast at the same restaurant, we went to shop at somewhere-which-i-ididn't-know-what-the-place-was called.. funny isn't? So my mum bought some table clothes and some comforters..then, we bought some shoes..I meant for me, my mum, and my brothers..Harith got 2 pairs of shoes..then, my mom bought wallets for my dad. We also bought bags for Harith and myself..(to use it for National Service then..) Then we went to buy winter coat..the black one that I used to went to the airport.. hehehe~ Made in China.. lol

After that, we went to have our lunch and performed our prayers.. Then, we continued to shop..Since my parents are lack of money, they decided to change it at the money changer inside that store..But,unfortunately, Malaysia Ringgit are not accepted.. Ceh! what the heck is that? then we decided to change it with the man which in Malay we called it 'ulat'( the one yg kadang2 tipu duit org bila ada urusan jual beli).. RM100= 190 yuan.. so the man got 20 yuan untung.. hahahaha~ whatever.. But at the third store, we didn't buy so many things.. My brother,Hadi go two shirts, Harith got one Adidas-made-in-China shirt and my dad bought 2 shirts to be worn to his office.. 2 for 100 yuan.. which equal to RM50.. hehehe~ the weather was so cold... And the worst part was, we had to wait for my father's colleagues which they were busy shopping.. Damn it! I hated waiting.. Just Imagine, we had to wait for them about an hour.. since they were busy shopping.. My dad had to make an announcement to call them up.. Malaysians were totally I right?Geez.. the weather was cold and I felt like I was in a freezar. Gosh! They were not punctual.. and I hate those who are not punctual...

the street near our hotel..

at one of the oldest mosque in Beijing..

Last Day (27/12/2010)- We checked out from the hotel about 5.30 a.m. I had to perform my Subuh prayer inside the bus. Well, we had to get off early in the morning to avoid traffic congestion in Beijing. Yeehaa!! I couldn't wait to come back to my home sweet home, Malaysia.. Ah, I really love Malaysia.. The worst thing was that our flight was delayed about an hour due to air traffic congestion.. Hell yes! I could see that there were many planes took off from beijing International Airport at that time. I was kinda " cepatlah..cepatlah..x sabar nak balik Mlaysia ni, faham x??" Around 10.00 a.m. our flight, MH371 took off.. Yay!! I was very starving at that time since I haven't had anything for my breakfast..Just a cup of Milo and Oatkrunch biscuits in the hotel before we went to the airport.. Luckily they served a good food. I prefered Black paper chicken with rice and a cup of tea.. whoa!! It was very delicious I guessed since we were very hungry. Then, they also served us sandwiches which were not really good i guessed. Then, around 4.15 p.m, we arrived at KLIA! my heart leapt with joy! I wished that I could screamed out loud, "I'M HOME!!!".. hehehe~ then, after that, we rode a cab to our house.. ahh! it was so good to be back at home.. home sweet home :)

with my mom before we went to the airport.. with our new winter coats

waiting for my turn..

for more pics, feel free to go to this url..
so far, Beijing was great!
but as a reminder, it's better for you to go to Beijing during Spring or Summer.. that would be much better!
without wax,
hani yahaya

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