Wednesday, January 19, 2011

on noooo!!!!!!

Salam 'Alaik..
Well, today was a very disaster day for me.. You wanna know why?

First- I went to 7 Eleven just to buy an ice cream that I'd been craving for the past few days.. I craved for Cornetto or Wall's Dutch ..( forgot already what is the name)..hahaha~ So, I cycled to the nearest 7 E.. It was 1 o'clock in the evening.. The sun was so bright and it was very hot.. But it is okay, I said to myself.. I wanted an ice cream.. When I reached 7 E and picked my favourite ice cream, I went to the casher to pay for it.. The casher asked me, " Ni je ke dik?".. I just smiled and nodded to him. Haiyaa!! " kalau duit aku berkati-kati x pe lah jugak aku nak borong 7 E".. I said to myself. Maybe he thought that I was very weird.. Sure, an- 18-years-old-girl, wore a black jumper,cycled to 7E just to grab an ice cream? Moron! But, it did not end there.When I was cycling very fast, the ice cream dropped to ground without I realized it..I only realized it when I almost reached at my home.. I felt like..urggggghhhh!!! I wanted to be home very quick, and yet..this thing happened to me.. So I had to turn back and searched for my ice cream.. Luckily, my ice cream was okay..hahaha~ but sure, it was half melt..but it was okay since I got a chance to eat it.. When I arrived at home, i quickly washed the wrapper since there was some part covered with sand and put my ice cream in the fridge.. hahaha~ after 15 minutes, i ate it.. Yummy :)

Second thing is.. there is no water in my house apparantely! yes.. it was difficult for us to do the house chores and all our daily routine..My mom and I went out to buy the drinking & mineral water .. Drinking water is for bath & wudhu'..and mineral water for drink.. No cooking today!
without wax,
hani yahaya :)

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