Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hani in the house...

Salam 'Alaik.. ahhh.. it's so good to be back home, which means that i can start blogging back! hooraaayyy!!

for those who already known that i got to go for National Service (a.k.a PLKN), I'm already home.. WHY? because the doctor said that i'm not fit enough to for it.. heck! i was kinda really shocked.. hello, that day when i went for medical check up the doc said that i'm fit enough..9diff doc) but now, the doc said that i'm NOT fit enough since i'd a record suffering fromasthma when i was kid.. haiiyyyaa!!!
i was kinda sad because i've started liking the camp..making new friends.. and now, i had to go home? ayoyo..

The National Service(NS)thought me a lot.. and i was very grateful that i was among the luckiest teens in Malaysia..yeah, not every teenagers out there got a chance for it right?

the most important things that i learned were friendships and teamwork.. hahaha~ i already thought about a cartoon show named 'Wonderpets'.. What's important? teamwork!!

so far, the NS was not that bad like some people said.. it was good actually.. plus, your free time would be filled with so many beneficial things compared when you stayed at home..(just like what am I doing right now)

without wax,
hani yahaya

p/s: i felt that i wanna sing the 'Khidmat Negara' song..usually that is what we all do every morning at padang kawad..

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