Thursday, December 30, 2010

A trip to Beijing, China

First day (22/12/2010)-Departed from KLIA at 12.30 a.m. I had my breakfast inside the plane. The menu was Nasi Lemak with tea. Our flight, MH370 arrived at Beijing (Peking) International Airport around 6.00 a.m. I was being informed that the temperature was -2°C. When I wanted to get all my things into the bus, i could see the smoke (err..some sort of..idk what it called)came out from my mouth when I was breathing and talking. I was very excited. Well, Malaysia was located in the equator, so there were no 4 seasons at all, just like Beijing did. My mom said it was like 'naga pondan'. LOL.

Our first destination was Tiananmen Square and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. It was very cold there. I felt like I was in the fridge. Luckily I wore a turtle neck shirt. (sigh) It was very boring I should say. then we headed to the Forbidden City. Man, I was freezing at there and it was kinda bored to me. We spent our time there quite long at there. I was like.." can we just go to the hotel now? I'm damn boring right now.." hahaha~ you wanted to feel how's the winter right! here it goes! nah!

inside the Forbidden City..

At the Tiananmen Square

then, we had our lunch at the local 'halal' restaurant. Ah, I was very relieved since I was very hungry at that time. Then, we went to the mosque to peform our Jama' & Qasar (Zuhur and Asar) prayers. I had a trouble to take the wudhu'. the water was fine since it was warm water, but the main problem was the temperature was so cold and i felt like I want to perform my solat with my body wrapped in a thick blanket.. seriously, it was very cold..

then, we headed to the Silk Store and had our tea at Dr.Tea House. We had given a chnce to taste 4 different kinds of teas at there. There were Jasmine Tea, Oolong tea and many more which i already forgot their names..And, at there, I met a 16 years old Chinese girl who worked at there. She worked at there and at the same time learned Bahasa Melayu. Amazing huh? She started to learn Bahasa Melayu about 3 months ago and I must admit that she was good and fast learner I guessed. And she wasn't being paid. She had NO salary. She volunteered herself to work at there to gain new experiences.. hahaha~ Thumbs up for her! i almost choked myself when I heard it. If Malaysians, they wanted the money, not experiences.. Am I right?Then, we went to watch the acrobatic show. Man, I was very cold and the show started late! haisy.. The aroma of the coffees and popcorns make me felt that I wanted to get them.. but I didn't have money at that time and I refused to asked my parents to buy me since they looked very tired.. Then we had our dinner and checked into the hotel..what a very tiring day!

Second day (23/12/2010)- We went to have a breakfast at the restaurant. My father then bought some sort like manisan. We called it 'Rasa-rasa' because the men who sell it always said to us "rasa..rasa.. 1 kilo 30 yuen" hahaha~ sounded funny isn't? The real name for it is 'Matang'.
The main ingredients were many kinds of nuts with honey. It tasted very delicious and I thought that it was very good for health as it didn't contain sugar, but honey.

We went to the Great Wall of China. I could see some snow there. And as usual, I was freezing. The temperature at there was -8°C ~ -10°C. It was very high right? And I felt that I was being put into the freezer. My hands were shaking tremendously.. After we checked into the hotel( a different hotel from the first one), my mom and I went to bed. We decided to skip the dinner as we had some breads and instant noodles to be eaten..

Third Day (24/12/2010)- We had our breakfast in the hotel. At there, there was a sign that was being put by the management from the hotel. It said " Tolong jangan membazir makanan". the weird thing was that, it was in Malay. hahaha~ sound funny right? And I should say that tables were fully booked by the Malaysians. I felt that I was eating in the hotel at Malaysia since it was fulled with Malaysians.. Feel like home ..After we checked out from the hotel, we went to the Snowy Mountain. We were being informed that the weather was not good on that day. I also knew it from my father and weather forecast from the TV. ..

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