Saturday, October 2, 2010


Salam 'alaik..
hey, it's me again.. u must wondering how come i got a chance to blogging,right? anyway, i always kill my prep time for blogging.. hehehe~ i kknew that i should probabaly stop by now, but it's hard for me.. maybe i had been addicted to this blog, i guess.

so, yesterday, i got my results already... well, it was hard actually for me to see my pointer as it was pasted on the board and so many people wanted to see it.. ah.. i felt like i was packed in a tin of sardines.. so many people and i had to squeeze myself.. luckily i small enough.. (did i?)

so, first and foremost, i felt grateful to Allah The Almighty because i managed to get 3.70. Well, i knew that it was not that good for me.. but at least, i got a good results.. some of us got a very good result, but some not...

Praise to be Allah.. i thought that i might get below than 3.70.. my prediction was 3.63.. i guess that my teachers really help me with that.. Thank you teachers! terima kasih! Arigato! Muchas Gracias! Jazakallah! Syukran.. what else?

so, i just hope that my SPM would be better than this.. Please pray for me and all my friends too.. okay?

without wax,
hani yahaya :)

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