Thursday, September 30, 2010

trial was over, but the results?

we meet again!
i bet u guys would feel eager to know, how was my result right?
let me tell u, it was not like what u guys might think.. my results were totally bad! really bad! i'd never got soe sort of results like this.. ah.. whatever it is, it was over right? and i shouldn't be upset or regret because it ws all my fault.. well, i hven't really prepared for it.. so, serve me right,huh?

so.. about the results?
i got 1 A+, 4A, 1 A- and 4B+ ..
well.. u might say that this was not hani yasmin yahaya's result.. but that was the truth.. i didn't know, where the heck the old hani yasmin yahaya had gone.. maybe.. she was not like before..
lower form was not like the upper form, right?
and my pointer?
i bet that it was going to drop again like hell.. trust me!

but whatever it is, i felt grateful to Allah.. at least i managed to get As even it was not that much compared to my friends. every night, before i went to bed, i always think, why my results was not good enough? i knew that our life has it's own cycle. sometimes we are on the top, sometimes we go down.. but yes,still it still cannot wounded my heart.i always think positively.. Maybe Allah wanted to teach me how to be grateful person or maybe He wanted me to try harder, or He wanted to give me the best thing in the future. how should we know that right? . but, till i heard tazkirah last night during the taklim, i felt that, it give me some inspirations nd motivations to me to try harder for upcoming spm. Insya Allah. I hope that i'll get straight A+ for the SPM. Ameen~

without wax,
hani yasmin yahaya

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