Monday, September 6, 2010

T is for Trial..

well, people might said that i was too late to say about this thing, but the major fact is, i haven't finish yet my trial, since i take 1o subjects..

so, to be truth, my trial exam papers were really bad! i was totally screwed for this time.. my chemistry, biology and physics.. the pre-trial exam's marks couldn't help me a lot to improve my CGPA.. O Allah, please help me!

i just hoped for the best.. so right now, i need to focus more for my science subjects, not too forget addmath and Art.. my Art test will be on monday, right after the school holidays!

i just remembered the quote;

Math is easy,
English is fun,
but Art?

Art is everything

p/s: please don't say Art is easy!! Art is something that u can't define since it is SUBJECTIVE!

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