Tuesday, September 14, 2010

happy eid :)

i think it's not too late for me to wish you guys ' Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri'.. Sorry for everything..

so, about my raya this time, well it was not like past years.. well basicaly, this year was simple and I felt somehow, eid day was just the same, nothing special i guessed..

i went back to my hometown which was at Meru, Klang on last thursday's morning. i finally arrived around 8.30 am. my aunt and mom cleaned up the house and got ready what to be cooked for our meals during the fast break and for tomorrow especially. me? hahaha~ i helped them too ( a little).. then my aunts and her famly arrived..

that night, during the fast break, it was a very funny moment.. well, there was a meal, err.. it was tempe with spicy soya sauce.. it was very delicious and everyone was craving for it.. in simple words, habis licin tempe tu.. sampai yg kecik tu pun nak direbutkan.. then, my aunts and my mom busy chatted while cleaned the plates and bowls after finished ou dinner.. the house was so meriah! i loved to see mu mom and all her siblings chatted with each other.. well, not to say that i was being busy body to know what were they talking about, but i was happy to see their bonds, yeah sister-sister bonds.. not ionic or covalent bond okay?

1st raya....
after had my breakfast, i took a bath.. then my mom said that, our family shouldn't wear our baju raya this morning since we were going to visit Tan Sri Borhan's house this evening.. ( well he was my father's uncle).. so that morning, our family wore simple clothes.. memang cacamarba and happening habislah keluargaku..macam-macam warna ada..
after performed the Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, we went home and took pictures.. my other aunt and her family also had came back. that morning, my family just visited only 2 houses.. my other aunts and their family went to visit my grandfather's kubur.. our family had done hat yesterday evening..
after the Friday prayer, our family quickly dressed up with our new baju raya and headed to Shah Alam to visit my father's uncle at there..
that night, my aunts and cousins went to the ICT to watch the lights and lamps.. (idk. somewhere at klang..) and me? i was busy watching Slumdog Millionaire.. hahaha~

2nd raya...
my family planned to go home.. yeah, we were going to go back to our home at Bangi. but that morning, after we had our breakfast, my father and my uncles were busy preparing the ikan bakar for our lunch menu on that day.. so do all my aunts and mom.. the menu for our lunch on that day were,laksa, kari kepala ikan, ikan bakar dengan air asam, sayur (lupa la.), ice cream with tapai and float. At last, i didn't have to eat chicken and meat.. hahaha~ got sick of it already..
around 4 pm, we arrived home.. ahhh..so busy with the laundry and all that stuffs...
went bed quite early that night

3rd raya...
headed to Malacca, my father's hometown.. before reached the house, we went to my grandparents' kubur. After reciting the Yasin, we went to the house and quickly changed our clothes to go to visit our relatives..
then, we had our lunch at my uncle's house. After the Zohor prayer, we headed to Muar, to visit my mom's friend. We had a very delicious nasi beriyani at her house.. hahaha~ on our way home, we bought some dukus.
At night, we had our dinner at my uncle's house again. hahaha~ i was kinda dissapointed since i never got a chance to eat the dukus.. haisy.. unlucky huh?

that morning, after finished my breakfast, i was quickly took a bath.. we were going back home.. Alhamdulillah..so far, the traffic was not too jammed.. idk whether i didn't realize it was there since i spent my time sleeping along the journey.. ( i hate to travel.. well basically within 5 or 10 minutes, i would sleep.. whether i took car, bus or even flight! )
i arrived at my home around 12.40 pm..
in the evening, my aunts (on my mom's side) came to visit us.. my mom had prepared spaghetti for them..

conclusion: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Get back on your books now! Spm is all the way!

without wax,

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