Thursday, September 30, 2010


finally, it's my 100th post! hehehe~

i actually didn't have any idea what to write for my 100th post.. so i think, maybe this time was different.. i wanted to paste up something that could relax your mind.. hehehe~ so, enjoy it! :)

biology.. you know what is FSH? let me give you a hint.. it's a hormone.. hahaha~

if you study the Add Math, then you probably come across with these..

differentiation people? =.=

Atoms..proton, electron, neutron.. ah...

Optimus prime or what?

Oh, no! my trigonometry. My Add Math's teacher will probably kill me if i get this!

I will go with the answer C!

so.. that's all i guess.. see ya' later!
without wax,
hani yahaya

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