Saturday, August 21, 2010


hey guys!
yeah, it was almost couples of weeks i haven't update my blog..
i was so busy preparing myself for the trial which is on this 23rd of august..
seriously, i haven't prepared anything yet..
i was so scared since my pre-trial results were totally bad and disaster!
i just managed to get 6As (include A, A-), 2 Bs ( including B+, B), 1 C and 1 D..
the D was chemistry, a subject that i hadn't even got less than 65.. but not this time..
so about the trial, i just wanted to say that i really needed to pull my butts off since i want to get a great result.. well, i wanted to improve my CGPA as my CGPA had been droped like hell..
this would my final semester..

so by hook or by crook, i've to..

so, i hoped that u guys will pray for my success..not only me, but the rest of us who would be taking SPM this year.. Insya Allah..

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