Thursday, August 12, 2010

a story for you..

well, actually i have so many things to be told to you..

hurm.. let me tell you about my first story..
last two weeks (if i'm not mistaken)
my classmates had planned to celebrate one of our classmates' birthday.. and he was Amirul, a.k.a Benjo..

the boys had planned something for him.. they planned to put on a prank on him..
the were flours, a pail full of soap and water, a pail of water which had been mixed well with flours and also not to forget balloons with water inside it..

at first, the celebration went not too good as it had been planned.. well, half of us were not there, they were too busy of their own bussiness.. then, after we had sang a birthday song to him.. we ate the cake.. suddenly haslina came in.. she didi not realize that there was a pail on top of the door.. when she opened it, the pail fell on her, and she was totally wet with water.. :D

then, she quickly went to the dorm because she felt so ashamed with us.. i can't help myself laughing to her.. (sorry haslina)..
then, the boys started to throw the balloons filled with water towards benjo.. he tried to avoid, but suddenly, he kicked his desk.. actually he wanted to kick the balloons, but instead of that, he kicked his own desk..

he still smiled, but then, he turned pale. he had cut his own feet.. there was a long and deep cut on his right toe.. the blood oozed from the cut.. he was seriously in pain..
we quickly stoped playing around..

poor on him.. he actually had a badminton game tomorrow.. well, he was the representative for the blue house fo the badminton competition.. maybe he wasn't lucky enough to play for the game..

what a bad nightmare!
maybe, this was the worst birthday ever for him..
sorry benjo!

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