Thursday, August 12, 2010

mock interview...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hey guys..

it's me again..

well, it's been so long i haven't update my blog..

yet, so much things to do, so little time..

i would like to share with you guys about mock interview..

last week, all the fifth formers of tgbians were having a mock interview..
basically, it was not a real interview for the scholarship..
but it was just to give us the new experience, how to be interviewed by the panels and much more..

and as for me, my interview session was the last session.. it was on 11.20-11.50 am..
i was so hot out there when waiting for my session..
my group were Najwa Delaila, Helmi, Amirul Amzar and Khairun Bariah ad as for the panels. they were representatives from MSU (management & scince uni.).. at my first glance, i thought that they were knida strict persons.. but after what had Bieha told me, they were actually nice.. i was very relieved..

before i came in, i selawat to Prophet Muhammmad (P.B.U.H).. and when i entered the room.. all my nervous feelings vanished in the air.. hehehe~

the interview session went very well.. so do the group discussion session..
overall, the panels commented on me that, i was good. they also said that i had the confidence in me.. so what i just need is that, i need to improve more for next time..

hahahaha~ after the interview had ended, i went to my dorm, without wearing the shoes.. it was so iching .. maybe i should practice more on wearing the high heels.. :)

without wax,

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