Saturday, July 17, 2010

thursday's story..

salam alaik...

well, i'm home right now!
well, i was actually having a school break right now.. err... just a short break.. a very short break..

i was home last thursday.. i went home by bus with nica.. but there's a story that i would like to share it with u guys..
actually our ticket supposed to be 5.30 pm.. (couldn't u imagine how long we've to wait and wait at the MC,gosh!!!)
then luckily, the night before that, nica managed to find two tickets for both of us to KL by 4.30..

so the next day, the ting-tong buses came to our college abot 11.45 am.. early and i hadn't fully packed yet.. err.. then after i packed all my stuffs, nica and i went to catch our bus to MC.. but we were unlucky because all the buses were totally packed like sardins.. huhuhu~
there were about 20 of us who couldn't get inside the bus.. two bus had already went to mc..
then, nica came up with a brilliant idea..

"Hani, why don't we ask the teacher to give us a ride to MC?any teachers.. " nica said to me..
I quickly agreed with her. At last, our counsellor, Mr. Amir agreed to give us a ride to MC..

when we arrived at the MC, we quickly searched for the earliest tickets to KL.. Alhamdulillah, once again, we managed to buy two tickets to KL.. and guessed what?the bus was going to board at 2.30.. and that time, we only had 5 minutes more.. hahaha~ what a relief!

nica and i went to buy some food since we had't took our lunch..then we quickly got into the bus..

there were about 8 passengers i guessed in the bus.. hahaha~
at last, we arrived at Serdang about 4.10 pm
by 4.30 pm, i had finally arrived at my home.. :)


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