Tuesday, July 6, 2010


salam alaik..
well, this week was a very exhausting week for me..
june was over already, and here come july..

oh no..
it's july right now..
can't you believe it?

since it's already july right now, i had made some resolutions..
yeah, i needed to change..
people might said that i was way too hypocrite or whatsoever, but..
Allah knew whether i was really, really wanted to make these changes or not..

well, i had list down some of my resolutions, and i tried my very best and pulled my butts off..
i didn't know, but i just hope these changes were not fade away from till death..
maybe, there'll be improvements, time by time..

so, just wish me luck for all those changes that i'd made..
and hopefully, Allah bless me :)


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