Monday, June 14, 2010

i love boarding school!!

Hurmm.. today.. my life went as usual.. well, it was somehow, a boring life actually.. you wouldn’t like it.. I could guaranteed that. So, today, I woke up at 5 am. My mom asked me to fast together since my entire family were fasting.. well, today was 1st Rejab (idk,correct me if I’m wrong)..but I said to my mom that I didn’t want to, since I have my extra classes today, and it was a very long,long extra classes.. well, it was from 8am till 5pm.. ( that’s very long isn’t?) so, I continiued to sleep until 6.30am.. (hehehe~)

Then I woke up. After performed my Subuh prayer, I went down and searched for food. Yeah, God knew how much I was starving since I hadn’t took any single rice yesterday.. hahaha~ but that’s not mean I was putting myself on diet okay? I didn’t know.. I just felt not in mood to eat rice.. =.=

Well, after I had my heavy breakfast, I went to the centre.. I was late actually. (it’s not late actually.. but usually I came before 8am, but today I came about 8.10 am).. so the class started quite late actually (heck, I hate that!).. the teacher came quite late.. but it’s okay since I got enough chance to do my PAI homework.. hehehe~ but the thing I hate the most is that, when the teacher turned up late, still, there were some students playing around. Gosh! Do you realize that you’ll sit for SPM this year? And do you realize that the SPM is just around the corner? The trial is just couples of months from today.. ohmigod! I bet you guys don’t realize it.. oh maybe, you guys are well prepared for it..( but I don’t think so..) O_o

Hurm.. that’s the real life people.. I don’t want to be buyers or something.. ( did I spell the word correctly?).. but, to me, students from the boarding school is much, much, much better than students from daily school.. you know why? Well, to my opinion, the students from the boarding school have a great attitude.. well, not that 100% good.. I know,some of them are not that good.. ( remember, everybody is not perfect!).. let me give you some situations so that you can judge by yourself..

First, when the teacher turned up late today, there were some of us stayed in the room, read the book, did some revison… and mostly, they were boarding school students.. ( I must admit that, there were some daily school students, but the ratio was not that high..) but the rest, and boys especially.. they were busy chatting and playing around while waiting for the teacher at the outside of the class… I’m not saying that I’m good, and the rest of my friends were totally bad.. and I’m not saying that we, the boarding school’s students are very,very clever..but the thing is, you can see the differences between students who have been trained with discipline and rules, instead of students who just learned about discipline and rules only in school, not 100% like us, the boarding school students.. ( except for those who really have strict parents..) and when it comes to Zuhur prayer, I could see that, some of the boys, didn’t performed their solat.. and they were basically students from the daily school..

Haisy.. I’m sorry if this post made u feel angry to me, I couldn’t judge people straight away just like that right? Hurm.. but, in the other hands, I saluted for those who are very ambitious.. well, this week, I have met some new friends.. and to be truth, they were far too good I guess, compared to the boarding school’s students like me.. they knew how to manage their time,what they want to be, what they would do after SPM.. but in boarding school, we have to follow the timetable that were made for us.. that’s the big difference..they became more independent.. hahaha~ as for me? I wouldn’t be that much good either..( I must admit that, I was too much ‘bergantung’ to prep hours..hahaha)

Before I pen off, I would like to appologize for my harsh words, my rudeness and all that stuffs made you feel irritated to me.. I know this post was kinda hurt.. I’m sorry..

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