Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i just can't get it...


hurm.. yesterday, i went to the night market ( a.k.a pasar malam) with my mom and my annoying brother ( he such a jerk,really..) after i had finished mu extra class at 5.00 p.m.
then, my mother when to browse the scarfs.. the scarfs that nowadays women love to wear it.. the Ariani scarf.. but these were not Arianis, but it just the brand that were not so famous like Ariani. hahaha~ whatever..

i didn't want to talk about it.. the point is that, i wanted to share with you guys, 2 situations that i just can't get it..

1st situation

when i was waiting for my mom to choose the scarf.. suddenly, something caught on my eyes.. hahaha~ guess what?
i saw a woman sold the scarfs! the scarfs were vast.. but the thing is that.. that woman herself didn't wore a scarf.. hahaha~ that's funny isn't it? you sold the scarf, but you didn't wore it..
i didn't know.. but in my opinion, it sounded very funny.. i'm sorry if my opinion didn't seem like you guys..
but that's it.. i just can't get it.. i really appreciated that you asked every muslimah to wore scarf, but how about you? did you?

2nd situation

for this school holiday, i had extra classes for add math, chemistry and physics.. yeah, the killing subjects right?
hurm.. that was not my point.. what i want to talk about is that, some how, i saw some girls wore scarf, but they didn't cove their aurat in a proper way.. well, their clothes were not completely covered their aurat.. yes i know, i'm not that good like an angel.. but still, didn't you feel awkward? i felt very awkward if i put myself on that situation.. yes i know.. i made mistakes.. many mistakes.. my solat (especially..), the way i acted.. i know.. i'm not perfect.. but i think.. i have to try, to change myself..
i don't know, somehow.. i feel that, my iman goes upside down.. at school, i think.. i'm far better that by myself at home... i don't know..that's what i feel...

but whatever it is.. i think, we have to change.. I'm not saying that i'm alim or what-it-call.. i don't wear handsocks or tudung labuh.. but as a muslimah, it's my responsibilities right, to advice?

lastly, I'm sorry for my harsh words and my rudeness.. SORRY...
just hope for the best...

Wassalam.. :)

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